Games I love

From management sims to RPGs, there’s so many games I want to share with you. My favorite type of games have stunning graphics, a good sense of humor or lots of decorating.

cozy grove camp spirit

The COZIEST game I’ve EVER played

All those who are lost deserve kindness. That’s the tagline for the sequel to Spry Fox’s beloved life-sim game, Cozy Grove. Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is available now on Mobile with a Netflix subscription.

PALIA - The BEST Farming Sims on Nintendo Switch by Her Cozy Gaming - Switch farming games, cozy farming games, best farming games on Switch, farm game, stardew valley, palia, worst farming games

I’m Hooked On Palia! A Free-To-Play Cozy MMO Game

I’ve spent over 195 hours playing Palia on Nintendo Switch and PC so far. So, today I’m going to share with you exactly what I think about this cozy MMO game, if it’s worth playing in its current state, and why I think you should be dating Hodari.

2024 will be AMAZING for cute and cozy games!

If I’m being honest I have over 50 games I want to play but a few stand-out games are coming from indie developers (and one from Nintendo) this year that I just can’t wait to share with you.

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