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Wendy England-Her Cozy Gaming

As a digital creator and gaming blogger, Her Cozy Gaming owner Wendy England creates relatable and cozy content her audience enjoys.

Her Cozy Gaming’s readers are millennial women who play video games in their spare time to relax.

They consistently tune into Wendy’s live streams and follow Her Cozy Gaming for game recommendations, content creation tips for adult beginners, and her day-to-day routines to make their lives cozier.

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  • Carefully curated social media content & engagement
  • Original blog posts with evergreen real estate on Her Cozy Gaming
  • Sponsored TikTok streams people actually want to share
  • Sponsored YouTube or TikTok videos showcasing gameplay from your new release
  • Brand-specific UGC for your platform

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Engagement and Influence

Our audience actually purchases the games Wendy plays and the products she recommends.

Join the community ‘Cozy Millennial Gamers’ on Facebook where our cozy members share their photos of the games they are playing right now.

How fans describe Her Cozy Gaming:

“It’s a great blog run by a lovely woman, Wendy, who I find incredibly relatable! She has many lists of cozy indie games that have inspired me to buy my first Nintendo Switch aged 36!”

– Lily

“55 year old lady here also starting out with gaming after finding Wendy through TikTok. She’s very down-to-earth and approachable, always chatting with me in her live streams.

– Chrissy

I binge watched your YouTube videos after finding you, welp. I’m not old by any means, I’m in my late 20s. But your content makes me feel better about being a gamer. It’s not just for kids! Tysm.

– Jessica

Her Cozy Gaming Reach:

While a high percentage of Her Cozy Gaming readers are millennial women, there has also been an increase in retired women who are getting into gaming for the first time and young professionals who are seeking an escape from their day jobs, either by starting a side hustle as a gamer or simply wanting to relax after work with a chill game. The majority of our audience labels themselves as “cozy gamers” who play games for comfort.

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