Check Out These 15 Cozy Games Where You Play As A Cat!

Fellow cat lovers, if you would love to play some cute games where you take care of cats, see through the eyes of a cat, or honestly, just play anything cat-related really, then I’ve got the best cat games just for you.

I’ve covered all consoles from Nintendo Switch to Mobile, so there’s something here for everyone.

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15 Cozy Games Where You Play As A Cat, And With Cats

Let’s talk about our love of cats for a minute. I mean, who doesn’t love adorable little kitties with their big eyes and itty bitty toe beans?

I’m a cat mom myself. Tifa is a naughty tortie named after my favorite female Final Fantasy character. I know you’re supposed to call your pets goofy names like Katy Purry and Edger Allen Paw but I couldn’t bring myself to do it! I’m a basic girl who likes generic names, sorry to disappoint.

I’m actually allergic to my cute kitty though would you believe it, but I couldn’t resist her.

So I became a cat mom 12 years ago and we’ve had our ups and downs. She was the runt of the litter so that tends to come with complications. Tifa has an allergy to chicken (do you know how hard it is to find food for cats without chicken in?!) and doesn’t climb anything. She insists on being picked up just to sit on the sofa.

Okay maybe she’s just lazy, I don’t know. Cats are funny like that.

As a certified cat lady, I do tend to lean towards video games that have animals in them. Especially if those animals are cats! So I’ve found these indie games and a few AAA titles you’ll enjoy playing snuggled up with your feline friend. There’s nothing quite like listening to the sound of kitty purrs while you’re playing your cozy games, am I right? 

Here is my list of the 15 best kitty cat games you should pick up ASAP!

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Calico is a relaxing, stress-free community sim where you and your magical female neighbors help restock your cat cafe. Fill it will tasty food, stylish furniture, and cute pets! You’ll fulfill the needs of the town folk while being followed by your animal posse. Did you know you could carry Pudge the cat on your head? What about riding a cat? There’s so much fun to be had in Calico.

Game - Milo and the Magpies, 
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Milo and the Magpies is a hand-painted masterpiece that I almost overlooked. It’s a point-and-click, hidden object game that follows the story of a sweet little cat named Milo. After an unfortunate encounter with some pesky magpies Milo finds himself lost and in need of a guiding hand to help him find his way home. A rather short game but hits the sweet spot for a nice little play before bed.

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Super Mario 3D World returns for a second go-around after first launching on the Wii U. I played this in co-op with my player 2. I particularly enjoyed playing as cat Mario and taking hundreds of pictures in Snapshot Mode! You can pause to get the perfect picture to capture those epic fails! I was always the one failing all the levels, but it was fun.


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The Best Nintendo Switch Games that are Cozy. Tags: cozy gaming, her cozy gaming, female gamer, games for women, cute games, wholesome, aesthetic games, comfort gaming, gamer girl, gaming blog, blogger, kittens and yarn, steam cozy games

Kittens and Yarn is a casual puzzle game with sweet stylized artwork. With 40 levels to progress through at your own pace, you’ll want a nice hot cup of tea and a biscuit to keep you company. Forget about your problems for a time while you listen to the delightful soundtrack and swap hexagonal tiles around. Simple enough for every player, but the later puzzles will test you a bit more.

Game - Minekos Night Market, 
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This adorably cute business management game is filled to the brim with cats. Nikko is precious and we have to protect this game at all costs! Nikko is the sun-god cat, supposedly folklore but the villagers believe Nikko is real. As the new kid who’s just moved to this Japanese-inspired village at the base of Mt. Fugu, you may just be the first to meet Nikko.

Mineko’s Night Market is a cozy life sim with a low-pressure story and tons of familiar activities to enjoy. While it may not seem revolutionary at first glance, it’s a delightful, cat-filled getaway from the challenges of everyday life.

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Cat Cafe Manager

Cat owners will love to befriend the local cat population and delight customers in Cat Cafe Manager. Rebuild your decaying cafe into a cozy escape. Set in the village of Caterwaul Way there are secrets to be uncovered and stray cats to adopt. Decorate your cafe while listening to the soothing sounds of mews, and ambient noises of an everyday cafe. Hire staff, train them and dish-up custom orders.

Game - Neko Atsume, Tags: Cozy Games Where You Play As A Cat

If you’re one of those neighbors who likes to leave food out in your backyard for other cats then you should play this game instead (Please don’t feed other people’s cats they may have a food allergy!). Neko Atsume is a mobile cat-collecting game. Place toys and snacks in your yard and wait. Log all your cute cats in your Catbook and even download your photos to use as wallpaper.


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Game - Cats Atlas, Tags: Cozy Games Where You Play As A Cat

Hang out under the night sky with Fellie, your cute kitten sidekick in this fun game. Walk among the stars in Cat’s Cosmic Atlas and see both the Southern and Northern skies. You’ll see cool stuff and maybe learn something about the universe.

Jump into a game that looks just like a children’s bedtime book. It mixes fun illustrations with starry magic.

Animal Shelter Simulator - Tags: cozy games, cat games on switch, nintendo switch cozy games, simulator games on switch, cats and dogs, blog, pet games on switch

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find a cat her forever home? Now you can save your four-legged friends with Animal Shelter

Your main goal is to take care of the animals by petting them, giving them treats, and playing with toys. By doing so, you’ll build a great bond of trust. As you get to know the animals, you’ll learn more about their personalities and needs, which will help you find them the best possible homes.

little kitty big city - Tags: indie game, cat games on switch, cozy games, cozy gamer, her cozy gaming, switch games 2023, new cozy games

The city is your playground in this open-world exploration game. Can you help guide a little kitty back home? My heart just melted watching the trailer for this indie adventure Little Kitty, Big City. You play as a young cat who steals fish and makes friends with a dog. But your main objective is to find your way home…eventually. I’ve not yet had a chance to play it looks adorable!

Game - KleptoCats, Tags: Cozy Games Where You Play As A Cat

Become a Kawaii cat collector! Become mom to thieving cats in KleptoCats. Collect hundreds of cheeky, mischievous kitty cats and watch them decorate your home with all their adorable finds. Why go shopping for yourself when you can just get your cat to do it for you right? From sandwiches to snakes, you’ll always be surprised by what they bring home.



If you don’t mind a touch of the unusual and some darker moments then I highly recommend Stray. You play as a stray cat who’s been separated from its family. Now you must traverse the neon-lit alleys in a dark cybercity and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly. See this futuristic world through the eyes of a cat.

Game - Pekoe, Tags: Cozy Games Where You Play As A Cat



Your sanctuary of Pekoe awaits. A charming cat-filled tea-making simulator where you meet and befriend the cat townsfolk, make lots of tea and decorate your very own teahouse. If you have a soft spot for cats and soothing cups of tea you’ll enjoy hours of wonderful gameplay.

Game - Cat Rescue Story: pet game, Tags: Cozy Games Where You Play As A Cat

Take care of cute cats and gain their trust. Rescue strays in Cat Rescue Story. Feed them, play with them and decorate your very own cat shelter. This is a game for moms of rescue cats just like my Tifa! With over 40 different cats to collect you’ll have hours of adorable gameplay.

Game - Garden Paws, Tags: Cozy Games Where You Play As A Cat

Play as a cat in Garden Paws and build your cozy haven. Garden Paws is a delightful multiplayer RPG Simulation game for Steam. Inheriting your grandparents’ farm, you join Frank at the local construction shop to add the finishing touches to your new home. Explore the islands and caves collecting everything from poop (yes, poop) to flowers. Raise animals, cook, craft and so much more!

Which games did you pick up from this list? I’d love to hear your suggestions for more cat games in the comments too! 👏

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