It Takes Two Game Review – Is it the Best Co-op Game For Couples?

It Takes Two is a game you’ll love most when played with your partner, it sparked so many conversations for us.

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When it’s cold out my partner and I cozy up on the sofa and play couch co-ops together.

We were planning on playing It Takes Two on New Year’s Eve, but I was not so happy about it. My fiancé, on the other hand, was hyped for it. He really likes scrolling through Xbox Game Pass and he’s the first of us to discover a fun co-op game we can try.

I love that about him!

He involves me and wants us to play as a couple, it’s the sweetest darn thing. It’s how I became obsessed with the Halo and Destiny franchises.

I’ll admit it did look intriguing, visually the scenery was beautiful, though I had no idea what the story was about in all honesty. Spoiler: I cried at the end!

The Wholesome World of It Takes Two

It Takes Two follows May and Cody, a soon-to-be-divorced couple, and their daughter, Rose.
Rose is so upset by the news of her parents splitting up that she unknowingly transports the couple into toy dolls, handmade by her.

Now with the guidance of gyrating Dr. Hakim, a therapy book who’s passionate about love, the married pair has to play together to find their way back to their precious Rose and their human bodies.

The book annoyed me as much as it did them. But then again, who does like their therapist?

Nobody likes therapy.
Yet this whole game is about it.

Mind you if all therapy sessions involved fighting a distrustful vacuum cleaner, turning back the clock, and cloning yourself to focus on both work and family, sign me up!

If therapy sessions involved being turned into a digital character and dropped into any game which world would you choose?

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It Takes Two Wins Game Of The Year 2021

I didn’t want the story to end.

I spent more time hunting for the mini-games, or side quests as I kept calling them much to my fiance’s amusement than I did advancing the main story.

Each chapter changed the game mechanics, each scene even. I didn’t know what to expect next as the game rarely repeated itself.
It was UNPREDICTABLE and I loved it!

It’s unsurprisingly then that this game has won 3 awards from The Game Awards 2021 – Game of the Year, Best Family Game (which more often goes to a Nintendo game), and Best Multiplayer, among a host of other awards.

Hazelight weaved a heartfelt story, suitable for all ages, with mind-bending gameplay and came out winning.

Is It Takes Two a Cozy Game?

In my opinion, It Takes Two is a wholesome family-friendly game that you can take at your own pace. Enjoy your surroundings, or plunge ahead with the story, it’s definitely a cozy co-op game.

It has its own relaxing spa!

Sure it has mild threats and you do have to kill bad guys, like giant wasps and rogue weeds, but for the most part, It Takes Two is a compelling game that encourages teamwork and healthy competition. And with an emotional story of family, and finding yourself again at its heart, who wouldn’t feel all warm and fuzzy after playing it?

My fiancé and I plan on going back and replaying the chess mini-game among others. It was like playing Wizards Chess!



  1. Sounds like a very cute game for couples, but why would it not work for Switch? Don’t know if the author nows this, but you can pair more than one set of joy-cons to have full controller capabilities. My son usually plays on a Power A (budget friendly line that makes X-Box, PS, and Switch controllers for around $25) Pro Controllers while I play with the Joy-Cons in a grip.

    They have sell Mario Party, Mario Kart etc. So it’s silly to assume they wouldn’t port a game because some people might now have more than on controller.

    1. Hi Tiffany 🙂 Thank you for your comment. I would love It Take Two to be ported to Switch but the Game Devs have said they have no plans to do so sadly.

      Here’s Josef’s full response in an interview with GamingBolt:

      “No, we don’t have [any plans],. Not sure we can do it actually. I’m not sure, because people forget sometimes, we do split screen games with a lot of s**t in it. Like, there’s a lot of s**t going on. Trust me, it takes a lot of effort to make this work on the old-gen consoles, because there’s so much going on.”

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