Start a Cozy Gaming YouTube Channel (in 2024)

If you’ve been on the fence about starting your YouTube Channel I’m going to show you how EASY it is to go from 0-1K Subscribers in 2024!

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YouTube stars such as A Casual Gamer and Payton’s Corner have become increasingly popular with millions of views across their respective channels.

Eeowna’s gaming channel for example has an impressive 101K Subscribers, making it one of the most popular cozy gaming channels on YouTube! In addition to them, there’s an abundance of other cozy gaming channels out there showing you that it’s still possible to make bank as a Cozy Gaming YouTuber.

With the huge amount of competition from other Cozy YouTubers, it may be daunting for you as a smaller channel to get ahead and stand out.

The key to YouTube success, however, is concentrating on the value you can offer and a whole lot less about everyone else.

How I Went from 600 to 10K Subscribers in 2023

(And might I add I rarely posted) *mic drop*!

I didn’t intend to be a YouTuber per se. What I actually wanted was a way to turn my blog posts into videos to add another way for you, my readers, to enjoy my content.

I used to hear YouTubers throw around that “It only takes that one video to blow up” and think it was just fluff. Turns out they were right! It can, and does, happen.

How though is different for everyone.

For me, it was a 5-second YouTube Short (5 SECONDS!) that gained traction and then months after posting this video, that took off too. If I can gain 10K Subs in less than a year, on a channel that I rarely had the time to focus on, then you can too.

In this guide, I’m going to start from the very beginning. So if you already have a channel you can use the drop-down Table of Contents to jump around this post, it’s going to be a long one.

How to Start Your Cozy Gaming YouTube Channel

If you are looking for a way to share your love of cozy gaming with the world, then starting a YouTube channel dedicated to the softer side of gaming should be your goal.

With the right tools, tips, and strategies, you can create a successful channel that will attract viewers and generate some of that nice AD revenue in the near future.

Let’s explore how you can get started with 22 tips for starting your YouTube Gaming Channel in 2024:

starting a Cozy Gaming YouTube Channel in 2024, Cozy Gamer, Cozy Games 2024, How to become a Cozy Gaming Youtuber, YouTube Tips for Beginners, Become a YouTuber in 2023, How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2024, How do I start a cozy games YouTube Channel, 22 YouTube Tips for Beginners, YouTube Tips for Newbies, Her Cozy Gaming, Gaming Blog

Choose the Right Name for Your Gaming Channel

The name of your YouTube channel is a pivotal decision that you must make as it sets the tone for your entire brand. A wisely chosen title can help attract viewers and boost engagement on your channel.

A Quick Guide For Choosing A YouTube Channel Name

  • Use Your Name – if it’s unique and nobody else has it.
  • Think of a catchy and memorable name for your channel that viewers can easily remember.
  • Use your niche, such as ‘cozy games’, in your name.
  • Remember anything over 70 characters will be shortened.
  • Use the same name across all your social media channels.

If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the gaming community, picking one game and basing your YouTube channel’s title on it is often a great strategy. Doing this will help you stand out and make your content more recognizable.

  • Example: Cozy K (aka Kennedy) who plays only the coziest of games.

It’s more important to be true to who you are than to name your channel after something you hope to be – you may regret it.

Choose Your Color Scheme; Get Clear on Branding

Choosing the brand colors for your YouTube Channel goes beyond just what looks good. Your colors should reflect the atmosphere of the games you play, your room aesthetic, your personality, and your vibe. Choosing wrong could be costly, you may end up having to buy gear you never intended just to fit in with your new aesthetic. Follow these steps to choose your brand color scheme:

  • Take a photograph of your setup or backdrop as a guide.
  • Or choose 3-5 games you regularly play for inspiration.
  • Choose 3 colors – a base (the most prominent), an accent (complements your base), and a neutral (pulls the main 2 colors together).
  • Understand the psychology of colors and their meanings – choose the best fit for your brand personality.
  • Canva Pro enables you to have much better control over all your colors. It’s an incredibly useful tool that I swear by! I’ve used Canva for all my branding since 2020.

Let the personality and mood of your YouTube Channel SHINE!

Join a Cozy Gaming Community to Meet Other Gamers

People who are not familiar with the gaming world may struggle to comprehend the level of socialization that goes into gaming. The cozy gaming community is one big, loving family that values diversity and encourages inclusivity.

Even as an introvert myself I know the importance of having a strong network of friends who not just love the same games as me – Disney Dreamlight Valley, Two Point Campus, to name a couple – but will have my back on the bad days.

Once you have your channel up and running it’s worth investing some time in a cozy gaming community to meet other gamers who share your passion for gaming.

Join My Community!

My Facebook group is called the Cozy Millennial Gamers. Come hang out, chat about your fav game right now, make new friends, and discuss content creation.

Plus, I offer exclusive access to discounts, free Steam and Switch codes, and special posts so you can get the most out of your time.

Don’t be that one person who self-promos in the main feed though. Don’t do that.

It doesn’t work.

I didn’t grow my channel to 10,000 Subscribers in less than a year that way and neither should you.

Cozy Gaming Blogger - Her Cozy Gaming Cozy Gamer and Content Creator

Get Comfortable On Camera

One of the biggest hurdles YouTube Creators have is being themselves on camera. I’ve always been very vocal about why I gave up Twitch Streaming for this very reason!

As an older millennial, I felt too old to be playing video games, never mind playing them for others to watch!

I have managed to build a good presence on my own TikTok and YouTube Shorts, which has helped me overcome my fear of being in front of a camera and other challenges I faced.

Working on your craft and honing your skills can go a long way in building confidence. You don’t have to be perfect, just try to be better than you were yesterday.

I’m still not fully comfortable and I’m nearly 40!

Diversify – Have a Presence on Social Media

Being on YouTube isn’t enough these days, you need to branch out. Never put all your eggs in one basket because you never know what tomorrow may bring – just look at Twitter.

If you don’t own the platform you’re on you have no control over what happens to it. To make sure your online presence is diverse, here are the steps to take:

  • Get onboard with TikTok. It’s not just an ordinary social media platform but also a great tool for outreach! Your brand will be able to expand its reach and you’ll be able to share your content with new, potential audiences.
  • Don’t miss the boat – jump on board with Instagram Reels now. Video content should be your top priority if you’re a YouTuber, so make sure to adapt your YouTube Shorts for both Reels and TikTok.
  • A Link in Bio tool is the perfect way to quickly and easily direct your viewers to your other platforms. They make it easier to give your audience access to all of your content, no matter where it’s stored. Popular tools are, Stan, and my personal favorite – your own website.

Utilize YouTube Shorts to Grow Your Audience

Since February 2023 YouTube Shorts have been a gold mine for reaching a new audience. It’s a no-brainer that you should be utilizing them on your channel!

Shorts offer you an opportunity to create engaging videos that can be used to promote your channel and increase your reach.

Aim to reach 10 million views within 90 days and you can monetize your whole Channel.

Utilizing YouTube Shorts will allow you to grow your audience by creating content that is easily digestible and shareable. You can also use it as a platform to showcase your work, connect with other content creators, or even start a series of tutorials or how-to videos.

Get The Right Equipment for You, Not The Most Expensive

When it comes to purchasing the right equipment for your YouTube journey, it’s important to remember that price isn’t always the best indicator of quality. It can be tempting to go for the most expensive option, but this isn’t always necessary.

There are plenty of affordable options that can provide you with the same level of quality and performance as more expensive pieces of equipment. To make the best use of your equipment, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use what you already own – your mobile has everything you need to start a YouTube Channel. I grew my TikTok to 30K followers and YouTube to 10K subscribers in less than a year, just from videos I shot with my Google Pixel 6!
  • Edit your videos with FREE apps or software – I use CapCut for my short-form videos and Kinemaster for long-form. Or if I filmed something with my camera I use DaVinci Resolve to edit on my PC.
  • If you’re looking for affordable equipment, check out my Amazon Shopfront. I have gathered a range of tools there that have been personally tested by me.

By taking the time to research and compare different products, you can find something that fits your budget while still meeting your needs.

Design Quick and Easy YouTube Thumbnails and Titles

YouTube thumbnails are a crucial part of your video content.

They are the first thing that viewers see when they search for videos and can make or break the success of your video. With the right design, you can create eye-catching thumbnails that will draw viewers to your videos.

I use a combination of Canva Pro to quickly design my thumbnails and VidIQ to find trending keywords for titles.

Designing clickable YouTube thumbnails will help you get more views and engagement on your channel.

Go Beyond Let’s Play’s

A cozy gaming experience goes beyond just playing a game. It involves feeling relaxed and comfortable, connecting with friends, and taking pleasure from the overall atmosphere of the game. Let’s Plays have been incredibly popular videos within the gaming niche but as Eeowna shows on her YouTube Channel it’s possible to build a community with other types of videos too:

  • Reviews – Reviewing your favorite cozy game is a popular way of expressing your personal opinion about a game.
  • Lists – Sharing a list of your most loved.. or even hated game, that grabs the attention of new viewers.
  • News – Reporting on current events happening within the cozy gaming circle is the fastest way to hop on trends.

Keep a Consistent Upload Schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to content creation.

And I don’t just mean your upload schedule!

You can build an audience and keep them in the loop by connecting with them on any platform, this way they will be able to anticipate when new content will be uploaded.

It also helps you stay organized and on top of your content creation process, allowing you to plan ahead and create content in advance. Having a consistent upload schedule though allows you to measure the performance of your content more easily, giving you the insights necessary to make informed decisions about future content.

Find Cozy Games Your Audience Would Love to Watch

It’s wise to stick with what you know when picking a game, as this will allow you to bond better with your fan base and form a solid, loyal community around it.

However, you don’t want to risk your channel dying along with the end of a game!

There are many cozy games out that you can talk about or play that stay within your niche – or if you’re reading this but not a cozy gamer consider the genre of games you play and build a selection of games around that.

For the cozy gamers though I have hundreds of cozy game suggestions for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation that will be a springboard for you to start from.

Have an Easy-to-Remember Introduction

Gone are the days of title screens and long introductions.

With the advent of TikTok and the ease of swiping away, it’s become more important than ever to hook your viewer within the first 3-5 seconds of your video.

It would be wise to get straight to the point at the very beginning and leave introductions until 30 seconds or more into the video, and even then you still want to keep it brief.

Many YouTube videos are found via Google and when someone comes across your video that way they are looking for an answer to a question they searched. Engaging your audiences and providing answers to their queries is the key to gaining and retaining subscribers. This will help you build loyalty with your subscribers.

Be Your Authentic Self

There’s much to be said for being yourself.

Being honest and open with people can help you build a community that goes beyond just having an audience. Integrity and candor are essential for establishing meaningful connections with others.

As a millennial, I’ve been creating more content around being an older gamer as it feels more authentic to me to show my viewers what it’s like to be a gamer in her late thirties.

What can you share with your viewers that will help them connect with you on a more personal level?

Build Upon Your Gaming Setup

More often than not, most of us have come across a gorgeous setup on Instagram or TikTok and thought to ourselves, “If only I had their kit I’d be successful!”.


If you had their setup you’d be unhappy, believe me. Why?

Because their setup speaks to them and their wants and needs, not yours. As an older gamer, I’ve fallen into this trap countless times and had to remind myself I’m not 21 anymore! That kawaii gaming setup may look cute but I’d be embarrassed to show my fiance it, never mind the world.

I’m a different person than who I was at 21.

You need to build upon the setup you already have and make it your own, injecting your own personality.

Compared to other gaming setups out there, mine is unique and individually tailored to me. Every piece of equipment is carefully picked – it not only looks good to me but also gives me the motivation to take a seat and get immersed in my favorite game or write a new blog post.

I have built a collection of various things from my trips around the Norfolk Coast, inherited family pieces, and antiques that I’ve spent a lot of time finding in old thrift stores. Of course, there are also many items I’ve bought from Amazon.

Your setup is where you’ll spend most of your time as a content creator. It should be comfortable and reflective of who you are.

Learn From Others, Don’t Copy

Consuming other cozy gamers’ content can be a great way to learn new trends or discover a new game. However, it’s important to remember that copying another gamer’s video is not the same as learning from them.

Channel Tags Are Not As Important As You May Think

Channel tags are a great way to let people know what kind of content you produce. They can help your videos get discovered more easily and increase the chances of success for your channel. But, they are not as important as you may think.

Channel tags are only one part of the puzzle when it comes to SEO and YouTube optimization. You need to focus on other aspects such as creating high-quality content, optimizing titles and descriptions, and engaging with viewers if you want to succeed in the long run.

It is still important to use channel tags but don’t rely on them.

SEO will always win out, optimize your description using your tags too.

Create A Ready To Go YouTube Description

You don’t need to waste your time rewriting your descriptions for every video you produce. That can be a tedious task, and it’s not necessary!

Most descriptions share the same information:

  • A welcome message to new and old viewers
  • Your social links
  • Affiliate links
  • Disclaimers

Copy and paste to save yourself time and edit as needed.

Document Your YouTube Experience

YouTubers are finding success by vlogging about their journey and showing viewers their behind-the-scenes life as a content creator. Vlogs don’t have to be fancy – you can simply sit in front of the camera with no editing and just have a conversation.

Don’t Forget About Your YouTube Community Tab

Your Community Tab becomes available to you at 500 subscribers though some YouTubers have found they got theirs early or later.

It falls under the Feature Eligibility within the settings of your channel. Check back regularly to see if you have access.

Get Copyright Free Music and Sounds for Your YouTube Videos

Are you looking for copyright-free music and sounds to enhance your YouTube videos?

I personally recommend Epidemic Sounds as they offer high-quality royalty-free music and sound effects that you can use in your YouTube videos without any worries. Check out some of my videos to hear some of the music I’ve used.

Did you know that if you decide to stop using them and move to another company for your music all your previously published videos are safe from copyright?

But if you have any music sitting around after you leave them be careful – just because you downloaded a song doesn’t mean it’s protected if you accidentally use it in a future video.

Join the Amazon Influencer Program

If you’re looking for a way to make money from your YouTube channel before it gets monetized you need to join The Amazon Influencer Program.

It’s a great opportunity for content creators to monetize their YouTube videos by adding affiliate links in their video descriptions. With this program, you can earn money from every purchase made through your link.

This is how I first started earning from content creation.

You can even create custom pages on Amazon with products related to your channel and get paid for every sale.

Join the Amazon Influencer Program today and start earning money from your YouTube channel!

Use a Tool to Find Trending Video Ideas

I’ve used many tools over my time as a content creator to help analyze content, unearth trends and learn about the YouTube algorithm.

But one tool has stood out the most and helped me grow from 600 to 10,000 subscribers in 2023.

That tool is VidIQ!

Before using VidIQ I wasted so much money on courses from nobodies that only told me what I already knew. Since making the most out of their FREE tool (and even purchasing their Boost package a few times) I gained my confidence back and have had huge success with YouTube shorts.

I listen to every podcast on Spotify and consume every video on their YouTube Channel. I highly recommend checking out their FREE Tool when you get the chance.