Top Games Lists: 8 Cozy Games like Spiritfarer

Here is your list of cozy games like Spiritfarer that handle deeper conversations with grace.

Spiritfarer is an action platformer with a heart, earning its spot as one of my all-time favorite cozy games!

The depth of this story truly surprised me.

Initially, Spiritfarer might come across as a straightforward Noah’s Ark-inspired game where you gather characters on your ship and guide them across a cosmic sea to the afterlife… but it’s so much more!

My experience comes from playing it on Nintendo Switch and I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel a deep connection to the story during my first playthrough. However, it wasn’t until the game’s conclusion, and a Google rabbit hole later, that I discovered the true meaning behind the story of Spiritfarer.

And I just had to play it AGAIN!

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You can read my full review of the game in another post, but I’ll tell you this – it’ll irreparably break you. The music suddenly felt more emotional, and the characters, like family.

Some spirits I held on to for a really long time.

Alice suddenly reminded me of my Nanna and I held on to her for as long as I could! Ever since my second playthrough Spiritfarer has solidified itself as a game I readily recommend to every cozy gamer who hasn’t played it yet.

Post-launch Spiritfarer has had 3 major content updates, keeping me emotionally invested long after its release.

There’s so much love and attention gone into this cozy platformer. The developers at Thunder Lotus Games have truly listened to, and care about their community.

Spiritfarer is more than just another cozy management game, it’s a conversation about life and death.

What does it really feel like to be by the side of a loved one when they pass?

How do you care for someone who’s dying?

The last boat ride really hits hard as you listen patiently to their final words because all you can do is be there for them at their most vulnerable.

This game is a rare gem, there aren’t many other video games quite like it. Coming up with a list of games similar to Spiritfarer took many cups of tea and many more hours of indulgent gameplay.

My hope is that you can find your next indie game from below that will bring you just as many lasting memories as Stella and Daffodil the Cat did.

8 BEST Cozy Games like Spiritfarer


Cozy Grove

I’m going to open this list with one game you’re probably already familiar with-Cozy Grove. The artwork is cute and painterly which was what drew me to the game in the first place.

In the beginning, Cozy Grove is a colorless canvas and it’s up to you as the new Spiritscout to breathe life and love back k into the island.

Where the story comes into its own though is because of the bears, the island’s inhabitants. Their stories are so deep it will take you days to hear them all. Each bear has a unique character and I guarantee you’ll find a firm favorite. Mine was Allison Fisher because I too am a terrible cook!

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The Garden Path

The Garden Path is a slice-of-life gardening sim with a cast of wholesome characters with vegetables for heads.

This is the kind of gentle game I can imagine I’d be sharing with my friends in the nursing home when I’m old and wrinkly.

Loving illustrated by a solo female developer this wonderfully wistful adventure embraces the mundane and elevates tasks like brewing tea, watching your flowers grow, or hanging out with friends, into something quite humbling.

Set in real-time your garden will even grow when you’re away.

The game Spirittea upcoming PC, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X release date in the USA and UK is confirmed to be 2023 and the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 release date in the USA and UK


Spirits and delightful tea? I’m all in!

There are some picky spirits in Spirittea that need your care and expertise. You see these spirits are in grave need of some attention.

Build up your bathhouse, meet the local townsfolk and take part in karaoke, yeah I know… KARAOKE! This video game ticks all the boxes.

You’re really going to have to integrate yourself into the fabric of this community to understand everyone’s likes and dislikes. It is quite possibly one of the best games I’ve played in 2023.

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Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Combine side-scrolling and crafting in this tale of Sakuna, the harvest goddess.

Who knew rice held so much power?

Unlike Spiritfarer this game does have some easy combat but I’m recommending it because of its detailed steps on planting and harvesting, plus the depth of the mythology behind the main story.

This game gives you a complete rice farming experience, likable characters with charming voice acting, and a satisfying ending.

GAME: Paradise Marsh, 
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Paradise Marsh

Paradise Marsh is a short exploration with a wide cast of cute celestial characters.

You go on a mission to better understand why the stars have fallen out of the sky and along your way collect bugs and quirky critters.

I’m adding it to this list for its wonderfully atmospheric sound design and its wholesome vibes like Spiritfarer.

Game: Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight, 
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Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight

Swap the sea for the skies as you traverse the world in your beloved airship.

Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight is a mystery waiting to be solved.

After your airship breaks down you’re forced to find the parts you need to fix it. The main character is Yukumo, a young girl who’s trying to Gather the Sources of Earth to expand her horizons in this relaxing 3D platformer. 

Game: Unpacking, 
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Absolutely can’t skip adding the timeless Unpacking to the list, and trust me, it’s for a good reason.

Despite the game not having any physical main characters or even NPCs, the story is one that will endear you to it as you progress. What Unpacking lacks in dialogue it makes up for in personal interpretation.

It’s a simple game of taking items out of boxes that takes you on a journey from adolescence to adulthood with a surprise ending that made me go aww.

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Looking for another cute companion to travel with?

Traverse great heights with Ballast, you’re helpful watery friend in Jusant.

Jusant is an action-puzzler that is surprisingly meditative considering it’s set on the side of a giant tower! Take your time and enjoy the view as you make your way to the very top to discover the history of the tower.

Luna's Fishing Garden

Luna’s Fishing Garden

If you loved the fishing aspect of Spiritfarer then Luna’s Fishing Garden might be just for you.

You play as Cassie in this short but sweet cozy fishing and building game. Take a break from long, deep stories and design your own little archipelago.

I’m not personally a huge fishing fan myself but I enjoyed meeting the island spirits and designing my own cozy fishing spot.


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