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Cafe cafe

Cafe Cafe is a very humble little game about serving snacks and drinks to your cute birb customers. The developers behind this cozy mobile game took the time to speak with me about the game.

Interview With Emery Monzerol, Co-founder, CHONKSOFT

W: Emery, thank you so much for chatting with me today. It would be delightful if you could share how your company, CHONKSOFT, came to be and who’s involved.

E: Our origin story is quite straightforward actually. My partner Roxanne Chartrand and I have both been working in the video game industry for some years now, and we wanted to have an outlet for our own creative projects, and that’s pretty much it!

We started making Cafe Cafe as a fun little side-project, and we founded CHONKSOFT so that we could release the game (and all of our future games!)

And as a little fun fact: our company logo is directly based on our real-life cat, Udon-sensei!

W: That’s adorable! I’m a cat parent too. She’s a big fan of birds, in particular, pigeons. Can you tell me where your inspiration for Cafe Cafe came from?

E: Roxanne and I are both pretty big foodies, and we’re especially into Asian food and teas. One of our favorite spots to go out and relax is Tsujiri Montréal, a Japanese teahouse/cafe, and it’s the #1 inspiration for Cafe Cafe’s setting, food and drinks! It’s an absolute must for matcha and houjicha fans!

As for Chef Cafe, the main character, he is directly based on the rosy-faced lovebird that I grew up with, whose name was Café! I still miss him dearly, and so the game was made as a sort of homage to him!


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W: What an original name for a bird! I love that. You mention that this game will be a hit with people familiar with Japanese cuisine, but who else might enjoy playing Cafe Cafe do you think?

E: It’s for anyone who likes cute things! The game is very simple, and at its core, I would say that its goal is simply to make people smile with its cute and lighthearted vibes.

W: I agree it’s very cute! I particularly like the art style and animations. Your game has been keeping me company on the short bus journeys to and from work. Cafe Cafe is in early access on Android right now. May I ask if you have any plans to also release it on Apple or other platforms?

E: Since we’re working on this in our free time and with limited resources, it’s difficult to make any promises, but we have started looking into the implications of making an iOS version.

We will at the very least most probably give it a shot, but it’s very hard to tell how quickly we’ll be able to deliver on it. Stay tuned for that, we’ll definitely make some posts about it on our socials when we have a clearer answer!

You can play Cafe Cafe now on Google Play! Would you like to be interviewed about your cozy game? Reach out to me via the Contact Form.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Cafe Cafe is a short and sweet mobile game where you invite V.I.B.s (Very Important Birbs) and serve them cute snacks and drinks!

Find accessories and customize your V.I.B.s to make them even cuter than they already are!


Cafe Cafe is currently available on Android Google Play.


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