Go on a Tiny Adventure in Haven Park | Game Review

Set up camp in Haven Park on Nintendo Switch and Steam this summer. This tiny walking simulator and exploration game has a big heart.

Haven Park

Haven Park Features

  • Release Date: 5 Aug, 2021
  • Developer / Publisher: Fabien Weibel (Bubblebird Studio/Mooneye Studios)
  • Platforms: PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch
  • Genre: Walking sim, Exploration
  • Coziness Rating: 5 out of 5* – Small game with a big heart

What is Haven Park About?

Haven Park is a game about exploring a tiny island.

You play as Flint, a young yellow bird who is tasked with restoring his Grandma’s park. In her old age, she has been unable to keep the park running and she needs you to craft materials to build and mend her once-bustling business.

As you waddle around the park you’ll open up new locations on your map.

Welcome to Haven Park! Take a break and enjoy the view in this peaceful natural park. For generations it has been taken care of by Flint’s family. Now the time has come for him to take over. Help him find the resources to repair and build the park. Make this place a cozy haven for the campers to enjoy!

Haven Park – Steam

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My Gameplay Experience of Haven Park

Haven Park made me cry! I know at this point I will probably cry at most cozy games, but this one really got me. I was close to my grandparents, so the story here made my heart ache.

Unfortunately, they didn’t leave me a great big park to tend to but they did leave me lasting memories of our family holidays to Disneyland. Much less work!

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Ordnance Survey Map

The map starts with limited access, gradually opening up new areas as you explore and advance through the story. While this approach adds to the sense of discovery, I found it occasionally frustrating when I hit roadblocks and had to resort to online guides for help.

One minor annoyance I encountered was the lack of clear navigation aids—aside from numbered posts and landmarks, there weren’t any markers to indicate your precise location. It would have been helpful to have a grid system or some other reference point to better orient myself within the game world.

Without spoiling anything for you, you’ll later unlock an ability to travel between areas once you’ve completed the game.

Haven Park

Characters and Customization

Flint’s personality in Haven Park adds some spice to the mix. His comebacks during interactions with other characters feel authentic and genuine.

Compared to main characters in other indie games I’ve played recently, Flint’s personality quickly won me over. His witty banter and genuine reactions made me feel a stronger connection to him, setting him apart from the usual protagonist tropes found in similar games.

There’s some customization but it’s not worth investing any time in. Moving a few objects around each camp can be quite satisfying but I didn’t bother myself with it.

Haven Park

Music and Ambience

In Haven Park, sound effects take the spotlight, and as a cozy gamer, I couldn’t be happier about it. Unlike in games like Stardew Valley where the music sometimes becomes overwhelming, here, it’s all about balance.

There’s nothing worse than repetitive tunes that make you want to ditch your headphones.

Instead, in Haven Park, music is sparingly sprinkled in, reserved for those truly pivotal moments, like stumbling upon a hidden campsite. And let me tell you, when it does play, it elevates those moments to something truly magical.

Haven Park

Compared to games like A Short Hike and Stardew Valley

Haven Park stands out from games like A Short Hike and Stardew Valley in a few ways.

While A Short Hike focuses on exploration in a charming, condensed world, and Stardew Valley immerses players in the daily rhythms of farm life, Haven Park carves its own niche by offering a cozy camping experience with a strong emphasis on discovery and connection.

You navigate a beautifully crafted landscape, uncovering secrets and forging friendships in Haven Park. The game’s relaxed pace, delightful characters, and emphasis on environmental storytelling create a uniquely serene atmosphere that sets it apart from its counterparts.

Haven Park

Is Haven Park Worth Buying?

If you’re a gamer who enjoys cozy, relaxing adventures with a sprinkle of exploration, Haven Park is a game that truly deserves a spot in your collection.

I’ve achieved 100% completion in the game! This is quite unusual for me, as I tend to hop from one game to another without finishing the first one.

Its serene world, lovable characters, and unhurried gameplay offer a genuine escape from the chaos of daily life. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer seeking tranquility or someone new to gaming looking for a welcoming experience, Haven Park warmly invites you to embark on a virtual camping journey that you’ll cherish.

Haven Park
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Pros: Witty dialogue, some customization and a touching story

Cons: Map isn’t very helpful


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