Top Games Lists: 7 Cozy Games like Tiny Glade

Tiny Glade is a satisfying game about building romantic cottages and whimsical castles. But as the full game isn’t out until later this year I’ve been searching for more building games like Tiny Glade with cute and cozy aesthetics.

Games like Tiny Glade

Tiny Glade Features

  • Release Date: Q3 2024
  • Developer / Publisher: Pounce Light
  • Platforms: PC (Windows, Linux)
  • Genre: Casual building game
  • Coziness Rating: 5 out of 5* – If I could give it 10 out of 5 I would!

7 Cozy Games like Tiny Glade

I recently had the pleasure of playing the Tiny Glade demo early and shared my first impressions on Twitch. I love experiencing new games with my community. I can’t imagine playing a new cozy game on my own anymore. There’s something so special about sharing these moments with you.

Anyone can become an architect in this relaxing game. It was so intuitive that I created 3 cute buildings from scratch in less than 2 hours. I’d go as far as to say that even a beginner gamer would love this. If you’ve never played a video game before but have access to a PC, go and download the Tiny Glade demo for free while it’s still available and give it a go yourself.

But I can’t just sit here and tell you about Tiny Glade, you have to see it to believe how majestic it is. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find my YouTube video with some of my gameplay.

So for this list of games like Tiny Glade, let’s explore building games that are easy for gamers of all levels to enjoy. Bonus points if they are relaxing to play and pretty to look at.

As always, some of these games may not be released yet, so please wishlist them for later if you can. You can find all the games mentioned here today on my Steam page.

Summer House Game by Friedemann and Future Friends Games - Games like Tiny Glade



SUMMERHOUSE released earlier this year to rave reviews on Steam. It’s a beautiful pixel art-style building game about crafting neighborhoods in different parts of the world.

You can choose from four different environments to build in, like at the bottom of a mountain or the edge of a lake. And then you’re just kinda left to your own devices, no tutorial, just straight into building little holiday homes out of pixel blocks.

You can use all sorts of items like plants, bins, vending machines, and of course, trees, rocks, and even air conditioning units. There are some cute little secrets to uncover, no rules, and you can’t win or lose. Which, when you think about it is exactly how your summer holidays should be. You can simply relax, build beautiful holiday homes, and soak in the atmosphere.


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Games like Tiny Glade



Monterona is a casual building game set in cute little Italian streets.

Build and decorate cute little streets inspired by your grandma’s letters. Place colorful houses, trees and decorations, and my favorite part… you can even add little animated people! Once you’ve built your streets you can take a gentle stroll around and experience it the way your grandma would have done.

There are no goals and no pressure.

I went to Italy for the first time in 2018 with my mum and took an unexpected boat trip out to Murano which is famous for its beautiful glass. But by far my favorite island was Burano because it has these cute colourful houses and this game very much reminds me of them.

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Townscaper is the original cozy building game and has inspired many of the games on this list. It’s often described as an instant town-building toy, and that’s exactly how it feels—a delightful, interactive toy. With over 18,000 reviews on Steam, it’s a beloved favorite among cozy gamers.

In Townscaper, you create charming towns on the water in a relaxing, sandbox environment. Its minimalist design makes it easy to pick up and play, perfect for a few mindless minutes of creativity. While I found myself wanting a bit more depth, it’s still a go-to for those looking for a simple and soothing building experience.

Games like Tiny Glade



Dorfromantik is a charming puzzle-building game that invites you to create picturesque landscapes by placing tiles.

So here you’re not building houses, rather you’re building a landscape filled with villages, lush forests, and winding rivers. The goal is to connect tiles in ways that meet specific objectives, like forming a cluster of trees or a stretch of connected houses.

My husband stole my Nintendo Switch to play this game. He became utterly obsessed with it! Watching him discover tiles I had never found myself made me want to play it even more. It’s a must-try for anyone who loves cozy games with a creative twist.

Games like Tiny Glade - Minami Lane


Minami Lane

Build your own street in this cozy, casual management sim.

Minami Lane is a Japanese-inspired building game for folks who need more to do than just place buildings. Unlock and customize buildings, manage your shops, and maximize the happiness of your villagers. Build ramen shops, boba cafes, bookstores, and more, and customize them to match the aesthetic of your street.

There are several missions for you to complete which will take around 2-4 hours. But if it’s been a long day and you just want to relax there’s also a sandbox mode that allows you to get creative in the peaceful, cozy world without the stress of objectives.

Oh and don’t forget to find the mischievous tanuki’s.

Games like Tiny Glade



Preserve is a puzzle, nature-building game.

The goal is to build a flourishing ecosystem by placing unique biomes and covering them in plants, rocks, trees, and animals to create the perfect symbiosis. Choose from alpine forests, arid deserts and even tropical reefs to build your beautiful ecosystem.

You’re given a variety of cards to choose from that will change your tiles. When you get enough points you’ll obtain a new puzzle piece. It’s very simple but looks overall complicated. I was put off at first but once I understood the point system all the puzzles slotted into place as they say.

It reminds me very much of Dorfromantic but with a lot more customization.

Games like Tiny Glade


Garden Galaxy

Garden Galaxy is a gacha game where you collect items to create your own adorable garden.

You build and arrange your own personalised garden from randomised item drops, pulled from an enormous selection of different items and decorations. No two gardens are the same because you’re at the mercy of chance, every garden you create will be unique and evolve with every new item brewed from the pot.

If you’re a collector who loves cute items then you’ll never get bored of Garden Galaxy.


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