10 Cozy Games YOU NEED from the Steam Summer Sale!

The Steam Summer Sale is here and I’ve got everything from classic indie games to awesome new cozy game releases to share with you today. Plus stick around to the end for a BONUS SERIES on sale you absolutely have to buy right now!

10 Cozy Games worth buying in the Steam Summer Sale!

A little disclaimer before we get started because I know you appreciate transparency from content creators – Most of the cozy games on today’s list are recommended off the back of the demos I’ve played. I have a whole playlist of cozy game demos I’ve streamed live which you can watch.

But I’ll let you know which ones I’ve played in full as we go.

Okay, are you sitting comfortably? If not grab a cup of tea, or boba.. whatever, the kids are drinking these days. I’ve got mine, so let’s begin.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions


Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

This one is for the work-from-home vibe crowd who love their productivity tools.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a soothing blend of life sim and creature collection. Once you get past the avatar creation, which has some really cute clothes btw, you can select where in your bedroom you’d like to place your character. Are you a lounge in front of a roaring fire type, rot on your bed in day-old jammies type, or bathe in the moonlight from your bay window girly like me?

All the sounds can be customized to your liking and actually, this is a huge part of the gameplay. Match the right sounds, with the ideal time of day and in the perfect location to discover some frickin’ adorable pets. So perhaps now you can ditch the 3-hour-long YouTube Lofi mixes because there’s nothing like a rude and annoying advert to suddenly break your focus and cozy vibe.

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Games like Tiny Glade - Minami Lane


Minami Lane

Second on my list is a little cozy “city” sim that will put a smile on your face.

Minami Lane is a cute city builder with zero stress. I already work in a shop so I don’t want my games to feel like work. Take time to place buildings like a Raman Shop, Homes, Bookstores, and even more! Customize their look and upgrade them for more cuteness.

Your goal is to decompress. No, okay maybe that’s not the goal but it was mine.

Your goal is to create and manage your own Japanese street. Oh, and make sure everyone is happy. It’s only 2-4 hours long but like with most building games you’ll find you play for much longer.

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Now here’s a classic that may bring back some fond memories for you. Lake is number 3 on my list.

Lake is a story-driven walking sim. It was released in 2021 and appealed to me because of its more mature themes. Most cozy games in my opinion tend to lean towards family-friendly content and as a 40-year-old woman I want real-life consequences, romancing and a hint of drama.

You play as Meredith who’s returned home from life in the big city to help out her family. You’ll have to make some life-changing decisions for her but for the most part, you just get to enjoy the scenery as you deliver mail around the scenic town of Providence Oaks, Oregon. As a British person who wants to travel around the US, I really loved this game.

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Sticky Business

Calling all budding business owners! Next on my list is Etsy the simulator? Wait, eBay for beginners. No it’s only the best sticker shop on the internet!

Experience the joy of running your own cozy small business: Create stickers, pack orders and hear your customers’ stories. Don’t start another side hustle until you’ve played this game. Seriously, it’ll satisfy that itch without crippling your bank account.

With thousands of possible sticker combinations that cater to different buyers. Even your Twitch chat can get involved. Maybe I should Stream this, could be fun. I only played it for a short time upon release so maybe this is my sign to jump back in. Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to stream this game.

Go-Go Town!


Go-Go Town!

Hold on to your unicorn tricycle, because it’s time to go-go into town… who writes this stuff? Oh yeah, me.

Go-Go Town lets you become Tom Nook as you lord over your chaotic, but cozy, town as Mayor. Construct shops, hire staff, automate deliveries with couriers, and attract tourists to town, all while managing infrastructure and avoiding catastrophes!

Currently in early access, the devs have gone all out to help you build the town of your dreams. Honestly, there’s so much to do that I couldn’t try out everything in the demo and actually I kinda wanna play the full game now. I play so many free demos these days and most of them I don’t end up purchasing. Instead, I return to my core games – Palia and Two Point Campus. But Go-Go Town is on my must-play list for 2024 now!

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I told you there were going to be a mix of new and old games on this list, and this one is by far the most popular cozy game and one of my personal favorites. I’ve actually written a whole game review of it, plus a walkthrough!

Unpacking is a reverse hidden object game. You’re given personal objects to place around the room but you’ll need to find their correct spot. There’s no timer, no score and no dialogue. The story unpacks as you move through the levels and I still can’t get over the boyfriend level. When you know, you know.

It’s been out awhile now so it makes sense to wait for a sale to buy it. Now is that time.

Cozy Caravan


Cozy Caravan

I’m not sure what about this next game is giving Fae Farm vibes for me but it just is. Maybe it’s the top-down view.

Cozy Caravan is me in 10 years time. My grandparents had a caravan and I’d go away to Holland, Germany and around the UK with them but my siblings and I had to sleep in a tent! Not cool. So I’m absolutely getting myself a caravan at some point in my life.

Now I haven’t played this game yet, but I have reached out to the devs to get a key so I can stream it and experience this for the first time with you. So watch this space.

Navigate through picturesque landscapes in your trusty caravan alongside your best buddy Bubba, setting up a mobile market in each new town. Craft a variety of items through delightful mini-games, then set up your market and trade with the local townsfolk. It looks adorable!

It’s probably the most expensive game on this list, even on sale. Hence why I’m waiting on a key before I fully recommend you buy this game.

Haven Park


Haven Park

Talking of holidays. Haven Park lets you set up camp in this tiny game inspired by A Short Hike.

You play as Flint, who’s doing his very best to keep his grandma’s park up and running. Learn the camper’s wishes and build whatever their hearts desire to attract even more quirky characters. With witty conversations and fun quests, it’s the perfect game for summer.

I’ve actually played this to completion and so has my husband. I don’t think I’d have enjoyed it as much if it wasn’t for Flint’s blunt humor though. We need more relatable characters in games.

Game: The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood Tags: cozy witchy games, witch games on switch, tarot game, video games, cozy gaming, wholesome games, cozy autumn Switch games, cozy games for fall


The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

Next on my list is another game I’ve played nearly 100%, actually I think there’s one more ending I need to find. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood was my daily summer play last year and I haven’t shut up about it since.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a mature narrative game with a branching storyline about Fortuna, a Witch living in exile on an asteroid. The game opens with her forming a pact with a forbidden creature in the hopes of regaining her freedom. It’s got tarot, witches, weird shrimp beings, and naughty dialogue.

If you’re looking for a cozy game that tackles mature themes, lots of reading, and lets you design your own Tarot Deck then I highly recommend this. Please read the mature content warning before purchasing to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic


Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic

If none of these games today have piqued your interest maybe I can entice you with this last one.

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic is a hidden object game where you search for items scattered around hand-drawn worlds. These are my favorite games to play on stream because my viewers just love to get involved.

Set out on a journey through four magical eras, discovering all the items hidden within. Find objects to advance through the stages and explore the storyline of each era. Zoom in and interact with everything from mounds of dirt to chests and don’t forget to look inside buildings.

That’s all 10 cozy games YOU NEED from the Steam Summer Sale but as I said in the beginning of this post I do have one BONUS SERIES you need to buy too. To find out, watch the video!

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