Top Games Lists: 9 Unforgettable Cozy Games Like GRIS

Here is your list of similar games like GRIS which will have you reaching for the tissues.

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GRIS is the poignant journey of a young girl coming back to herself after experiencing a loss.

It was one of the first indie games I played on Nintendo Switch and I haven’t stopped recommending it to fellow cozy gamers ever since. 

GRIS was an evocative experience that highlighted a gap in my gaming collection – games that can make me cry! Its use of metaphors allows players to interpret the powerful story in a personal way and leave a lasting impression. I wouldn’t normally choose to play a puzzle game as my go-to games are management sims, but GRIS didn’t feel particularly puzzling. The art style helped the game flow effortlessly and I found myself unable to put it down.

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For me, I would say GRIS is a deeply impactful work of art akin to looking at a painting hung on a museum wall. It’s the game you recommend to a loved one when you lack the words to describe how you are feeling so they may experience the grief you are going through.

GRIS is a puzzle-platform game that has environmental puzzles requiring you to figure out for yourself how to move through the world. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who’ve never played video games before. You need at least a basic level of understanding of game controls and platformers to appreciate the beauty of this game.

Let’s take a look now at games like GRIS where emotion is beautifully conveyed through gameplay, providing you with a sense of understanding and connection.

9 Heartwarming Cozy Games Like GRIS

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I wait with bated breath for the release of Neva.

From the developers behind Gris comes more platforming and emotional storytelling in the tale of Alba and her wolf cub.

As they set out to fight back against the encroaching darkness their bond will be tested. Will it blossom in time to stop the decay of their world? 

Game: Forgotton Anne, Tages, cozy mobile games, cozy games, her cozy gaming, wendy england, cozy game reviews, top cozy games, emotional indie games, gentle games

Forgotton Anne

I first came across this enchanting game from a member of my community who recommended I play this as a fan of Studio Ghibli movies. They were so right!

The story goes that Anne is the enforcer of The Forgotton Lands, a place where all forgotten things go, like your left sock. She needs to squash a brewing rebellion so she and her master can get back home to the human realm.

I played Forgotton Anne on Mobile.

 Tags: cozy steam games, cozy games, her cozy gaming, wendy england, cozy game reviews, top cozy games, emotional indie games, gentle games, games like gris, games like neva

Child of Light

If there is one game that captures the essence of GRIS it’s Child of Light. Released in 2014 this exquisite story is told through rhymes and poetry.

You play as Aurora, a young girl who awakens in a fairytale land.

With a turn-based battle system, you’ll need to fight off the dark creatures that have stolen the sun, moon, and stars. Can you make it back to your homeland of Lemuria?

Spiritfarer, cozy game, cozy game about dying, cozy management sim, cozy gamers, nintendo sxwitch games for women, female gamers, emotional games, pc, Stanley, Stella,


I played Spiritfarer straight after completing GRIS. That kind of back-to-back heavy emotion was a bit much but well worth it.

Venture out in your boat as Stella and her companion Daffodil to ferry lost souls across the seas. On your adventure, you’ll learn about who you used to be before you became the ferrymaster and how each of your new friends are connected.

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If you’ve never played Journey you are missing out. Journey is a wholesome and utterly moving experience.

Probably the most fun I’ve had with a stranger in an online game.

There’s no way to communicate except with a series of clicks and twirls. You have one goal which is clear from the outset, reach the top of the mountain.

Journey is an atmospheric puzzler that will win your heart with its simple gameplay.

Game: Season A Letter to the Future, 
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SEASON: A Letter to the Future

Set off on your bicycle to document the end of the season.

Play as a young woman in SEASON: A Letter to the Future as you leave your village and your family behind to explore a new world, one you’ve only heard stories about.

It’s about as slow as a game can get. You truly want to immerse yourself in every corner of this world. Take pictures of everything, trust me.

I played this indie game on my Steam Deck and it worked like a dream!

Naiad, cozy games, steam deck, nintendo switch, cozy gamer


Once I played the demo for NAIAD I was hooked.

This top-down exploration of nature through the gently flowing river gave me Pocahontas vibes. Except you’re a water nymph who can duck, dive and dash while making friends with the bugs and animals, all of which need a helping hand navigating the river.

It’s an easy puzzler that I found incredibly meditative. 

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I played BLANC with my fiance and we fell in love with the artwork.

You play as a fawn and a wolf cub who are trying to get back to their respective families.

It’s cute and occasionally emotional but it’s rather short, 2-3 hours long at most. But the charm of this game is in the bond between cub and fawn that builds over this short period.

BLANC is 100% a game that I will be playing with my fiance after Christmas Dinner every year now.


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