10 Classic Cozy Games on Nintendo Switch to Help You Relax

Cozy Games are the warm hug after a long day. They offer a relaxing and meditative experience that is ideal for gamers and non-gamers alike.

In the fast-paced world of gaming, sometimes we all need a break from high-intensity action and competition.

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect pairing for comfort gaming due to its portability, versatility, and treasure trove of classic games.

Mix in a rainy day and some soothing ambient music and you have yourself a cozy atmosphere begging to be indulged in. It’s enough to make a girl want to call in sick from work (or school)! Or perhaps hurry home at the very least so you can eke out some more precious gaming time.

Cozy gaming is all about embracing tranquility, immersing yourself in heartwarming narratives, and relishing in the joy of exploration. Cozy gaming allows you to shed the pressures of high-stakes competition and simply savor the pleasure of playing.

With the Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy these moments anytime, anywhere.

So, grab your Joy-Con controllers, cozy up in your favorite spot, and let these games transport you to worlds of comfort and joy.

Gaming is not just a hobby anymore, it’s a source of solace and self-care.

Get ready to unwind, de-stress, and embrace the coziest games. Whenever I need to unwind quickly I power up my Nintendo Switch and replay a classic cozy game that I already know and love.

So let me share a list of the best cozy games on my Switch with you today.

Here are the video games you need to play if you’re a cozy gamer. Just don’t forget the blanket and a nice warm tea.

My TOP 10 Nostalgic Cozy Games For Switch Gamers

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Coffee Talk

The 3 things I need most on after a stressful day are a warm drink, relaxing music, and a bit of gossip.

Coffee Talk is a visual novel set in 2020 fantasy Seattle, where you are the owner of the only coffee shop that opens at midnight, and your most frequent customer, Freya. Freya is a passionate writer for the local paper who gets her inspiration from your customers.

She’s charming but totally mischievous, and that’s why I love her. I had the game set to autoplay after a time so it felt more like watching a movie until I had a drink to make.

It’s charming to be able to pour milk and watch your own patterns spiral into view.

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Spiritfarer is a game about dying. Sounds ominous doesn’t it? But actually, it’s incredibly wholesome.

Spiritfarer delves into deep topics but it’s an exciting game with heaps of cuteness and lots of hugs! You play as Stella, a girl who’s been given the responsibility of Spiritfarer, as the original Ferrymaster retires.

Along with your companion Daffodil the cat – an optional cooperative 2-player mode – you travel by boat between the islands discovering stuck spirits that are in need of help moving on.

Playing this game really helped with my mental health as I came to terms with the loss of a family member.

Animal Crossing New Horizons, cozy gaming, her cozy gaming blog

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Need to escape to a deserted island and create your own paradise?

Animal Crossing New Horizons is your island to slow down and enjoy the sunset.

It was the first game many cozy gamers played during the lockdown years to help them reconnect with real-life friends.

You will craft the tools you’ll need to build your furniture, make friends with your new neighbors and invite up to 10 villagers to live with you on your new island. The game that put “cozy gaming” on the map for casual gamers has held my attention for over 2 years now.

Animal Crossing doesn’t have a story as such, rather it has events throughout the year as the game runs in real-time.


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Cozy gamers the world over will agree that Unpacking is the quintessential cozy game.

If you’ve ever had to move house you know all too well the emotional impact of disassembling and reassembling your life in such a short timeframe.

Moving can be fun too, but even when I’m feeling hopeful and positive about the adventure ahead, the stress can be overwhelming.

Witch Beam has won countless awards for Unpacking, a zen puzzle game about moving home, where you’re never told the full story. You unravel clues as you unpack your possessions and find new places to display them.

It’s easily completed in one sitting but the soundtrack and playing with the stickers could prolong your experience.


A Short Hike

I don’t know about you, but I find a lot of games are over-complicated.

They either give you too much information at the start and make your head spin or not enough info and make you bounce off.

A Short Hike keeps it simple – walk to the top of a mountain. Along the way, you learn the skills and acquire the resources you need to get you there. If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t ask much of you, then A Short Hike could be just for you.

It’s like a mini holiday that you can take in the palm of your hand.

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Haven Park

Haven Park on the Nintendo Switch is a tiny exploration game with a big heart.

I’ve played countless adorable indie games over the years but Haven Park impacted on me and left big fat tear stains on my cheeks.

For such a simple game it took me by surprise! You play as Flint, a young yellow bird who’s tasked with restoring his Grandma’s park.

If you’re a beginner gamer looking for a short and sweet game to get started with you’re going to delight in playing Haven Park.

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Wytchwood is an adventure simulation game set in a vibrant world of fables.

You play as an elderly witch, whose daily routine of pottering about her swamp and sleeping in her little hut, is rudely interrupted.

With her trusty Grimoire and her toolbelt, she embarks on a journey through swamps, forests, and farmlands, collecting materials to craft potions and cast spells.

Wytchwood is ultimately a crafting sim with RPG elements.

You’ll retrace your footsteps for the same materials and follow a To-Do list, penned in your Journal, which grows as you meet new characters.

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I was initially drawn to GRIS because of its beauty.

A game that looks like a watercolor painting has to be seen to be believed!

GRIS uses puzzles and chapters as a metaphor for dealing with a painful experience. It’s a breathtaking game where you the player can get a sense of what it’s like to experience emotions that are often expressed behind closed doors.

The calming soundtrack and core idea make Gris the perfect game to play in one sitting.

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a beloved farming simulation game that lets you trade city life for the simple pleasures of rural living.

Tend to your crops, complete quests, raise animals, mine for resources, and form meaningful connections with the townsfolk.

As you watch your virtual farm flourish, you’ll find yourself transported to a world of serenity and charm.

Stardew isn’t a game I’ve personally played myself but I’m including it in this list because 50% of my gaming community plays it and highly recommends it. One day I’ll get around to playing it.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is where magic and coziness combine.

Immerse yourself in the magical Disney universe, explore charming biomes, decorate your valley, and help some familiar faces overcome the Forgetting.

Who will be your favorite addition to your Valley?

Personally, I’m a Wall-E fangirl. But since the Venelope update, I’ve switched teams. Dreamlight Valley is a life sim that wants to be an adventure game.

With more storylines than Animal Crossing, it kept me entertained for many hours and has become a staple in my weekly gaming rotation.



There are 3 consoles available to choose from:

NINTENDO SWITCH From $298 (£255) – If you like a big screen (6.2 in) with the ability to play either handheld or on your TV then I recommend this console.

SWITCH OLED From $349 (£295) – It has a 7-inch screen and 4-9 hours of battery life.

SWITCH LITE From $199 (£190) – Light and portable, with a 5.5-inch screen and 3-7 hour battery life depending on the game.


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    1. Thank you for your comment. I’ve updated the article now to include the game in the photo 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the article.. I have been playing strong of seasons for awhile and wanted another cozy game.. Overwhelmed with the amazing options out there.. What would be the top 3 shortlisted games?

    1. Gaming is such a personal pursuit it would be impossible to narrow down the TOP 3 games in any genre. For me personally, I’d say my Top 3 (to play right now) are Spiritfarer, GRIS, and Journey. However, my Top 3 Games of all time would be very different. What would you say yours are?

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