20 BEST Cozy Halloween games on Nintendo Switch

Get ready for pumpkins, treats, and cozy Halloween games on Nintendo Switch!

Title: Cozy Halloween Games on Nintendo Switch
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Are you ready to add some extra warmth to your Halloween celebrations this year?

While the spooky season usually calls for ghosts, ghouls, and jump scares, it’s also the perfect time to snuggle up with cozy games on your Nintendo Switch.

After all, not everyone enjoys the spine-tingling thrills of survival horror or intense action-packed adventures. I can’t speak for you, but I must admit that I tend to be a bit of a scaredy-cat. I usually steer clear of anything that’s designed to make me jump or gross me out.

For different people with different tastes, cozy games are the perfect choice to enjoy the season in a more relaxed and comforting way.

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For me, a cherished tradition of the cozy season involves snuggling up with a steaming mug of tea, watching Casper, and preparing a hearty slow-cooker beef stew.

We have a tradition in the UK where if there’s a pumpkin outside your home on Halloween Night it’s an open invitation for trick-or-treaters to come knocking. It’s considered impolite to go door-to-door without one.

We all know that Halloween is the best time of the year for candy and sweet treats but it’s also when gaming companies bring out spooky updates to their games for a short time.

Video games have come a long way from just being about high-octane action and adrenaline-pumping excitement. They’ve evolved to cater to various preferences, and cozy games have become a great way to unwind and find solace in the virtual world.

This Halloween, consider swapping out the frights for some delightful, heartwarming experiences on your Nintendo Switch.

Whether you’re playing alone, with friends, or with family, these cozy Halloween games will provide you with a much-needed break from the usual horror fare.

So, grab your favorite blanket and brew a warm cup of cocoa, because I’ve got the best cozy game list for you to enjoy this Halloween season.

My TOP 20 Halloween games on Switch for Cozy Gamers

1. Wytchwood

Wytchwood was one of the first witchy games I played that gave me goosebumps. Only because the use of ambient sounds is so delicious. You have to hear them believe me!

Wytchwood is perfect for Halloween for its dark fables and cute creatures.

You play as the confused old witch, who is tasked with collecting magical ingredients to craft and brew enchantments to ultimately discover the story behind the girl lying at the bottom of your garden.

Wytchwood has a wicked sense of humor which I sincerely approve of. If you’re a fan of storybook art, tall tales, and crafting you should pick up Wytchwood this Halloween.

2. Two Point Campus

Create your perfect university in Two Point Campus, a unique simulation game crafted by the creators of Two Point Hospital.

Design, recruit faculty, and manage an academic haven brimming with exciting courses. Use the in-game items to give your dorms a spooky feel for your students this Halloween.

3. Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure life-sim game by Gameloft filled with many characters that any Disney fan would recognize.

Deck out your valley in Halloween-themed items from your craft table or overhaul the Forgotten Land this Halloween. Last October we got a Halloween-inspired Star Path, will we be getting a new one this year?

4. Animal Crossing New Horizons

There’s something special about revisiting Animal Crossing New Horizons at Halloween to dress up your villagers and redesign your island with a spooky theme.

The Halloween event is celebrated on October 31.

During this event, you’ll come across Jack, the self-proclaimed Czar of Halloween. Give the correct pieces of candy to both Jack and you villagers to get items from the Spooky Series.

5. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Need a holiday this Halloween? Follow Luigi as he heads off to a swanky hotel, but not all is what it seems. Explore Luigi’s Mansion 3 by ascending through its differently-themed doors full of quirky contraptions and haunting enemies.

Solve challenging puzzles and collect gems as you try to save Mario and friends from his royal ghoulishness King Boo.


6. Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Swap jump scares for wonderful surprises.

Go on an exciting 2D side-scrolling journey alongside Mario and his companions, where a world brimming with wonders unfolds before you! Watch the environment around you transform – from moving pipes to tilting terrain, bouncing Hoppos to stampeding Bulrushes.

If you’re a fan of Mario games grab a copy of Super Mario Bros. Wonder when it releases.

7. Shady Part of Me

Step into an emotional and dreamlike odyssey with Shady Part of Me.

In the shoes of a young girl and her shadow, navigate through surreal dreamscapes as you confront emotional challenges within a touching narrative brimming with unexpected twists and surprises.

Together, they must discover the power of cooperation and personal growth to advance on this poetic journey.

8. Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune unfolds as an interactive visual novel, placing a spotlight on exploration and a cast of characters that blend sweetness with a touch of darkness.

Your choices in this tale hold significant consequences, shaping the course of the story. Guided by her newfound companion, Mr. Voice, our protagonist embarks on a journey into the woods, unveiling mysteries and encountering a dash of misfortune along the way.

9. The Spirit and the Mouse

The Spirit and the Mouse is a narrative-driven adventure for those looking for something a little different this October.

Exploring the world is key to achieving your objectives and gathering essential items. Your mission revolves around aiding those in distress.

Attentively listen to the villagers’ troubles, and embark on a quest to locate the mischievous Kibblins responsible for the village’s newfound electricity woes. By performing acts of kindness and collaborating with these spirited beings, Lila can ultimately restore Lumion to his rightful place in the sky!

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10. Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture is the ultimate choice for those who prefer cultivating fictional flora over real ones in this mystical puzzle adventure.

Assume the role of a dedicated owner of a witchy neighborhood plant emporium, where your mission is to unearth exotic plants and provide patrons with precisely what they require to alleviate their afflictions.

Take a moment to pet your feline companion, engage in intriguing conversations with a mysterious coven, or even contemplate joining a cult as you delve deep into the secrets of Undermere.

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11. Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines is a charming yet mysterious adventure that comes to life within the pages of a storybook.

Engage in midnight adventures, cultivate new bonds, reveal hidden truths, and collect potent words that wield the ability to alter the course of fate!

If you found the atmosphere of Night In The Woods appealing, there’s a good chance you’ll be captivated by this game as well.


12. Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is a life-sim game about camping on an ever-changing island as a Spirit Scout.

Set on a haunted island you’ll listen to the tales of cute bears, as they recall their life.

Help them piece their memories back together by completing tasks, going on side quests, and slowly letting the game’s story reveal itself to you over time. 

13. NeverAwake

NeverAwake offers a distinctive world brought to life through high-quality hand-drawn graphics and enchanting animations.

In this imaginative realm, foes take the form of not demons, but rather vegetables and dentists, representing the young girls’ nightmares.

With over 80 levels, numerous bosses, and an innovative gameplay system that encourages players to retry multiple levels, NeverAwake caters to both novice shooters and seasoned experts. 

14. Cult of the Lamb

If you want a creepy but cute Switch game then you may like Cult of the Lamb.

In Cult of the Lamb establish your very own following in a realm plagued by deceitful leaders. Explore a multitude of eerie landscapes, gather a devoted congregation of forest-dwellers, and propagate your teachings to ascend as the best cult.

15. Lost in Random

Step into the unpredictable world of Lost in Random, an action-adventure game infused with gothic fairytale elements, where the destiny of each inhabitant hangs in the balance of a roll of the dice.

Stroll through the cobblestone streets of Random, encounter its capricious inhabitants, and go on daring adventures. Dive into thrilling battles that combine strategic combat, card collection, and dynamic dice-driven gameplay.

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16. How to Say Goodbye

How to Say Goodbye narrates the journey of a character who has recently transformed into a ghost, now navigating an unfamiliar realm inhabited by spirits.

In this narrative puzzle game, manipulate both the environment and the characters themselves to lead them out of the ethereal void that separates life from death, ensnaring them within.

Lend your assistance in reuniting them with their imprisoned friends, who are held captive by a mysterious sorcerer, and accompany them on their quest to reach the other side.

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17. Night in the Woods

Night In The Woods is an adventure platformer that immerses you in a captivating narrative, rich characters, and a world ripe for exploration.

Mae finds herself back in her quaint hometown, having left college behind. Reconnecting with old friends, she spends her days and nights causing mischief, exploring Possum Springs, and avoiding her reality.

As someone who’s dropped out of college not once, but twice, this story deeply resonated with me. If you’ve ever grown up in a close-knit small town, surrounded by a tight group of friends, I recommend giving this classic game a go.

18. Fall of Porcupine

Fall of Porcupine is a unique narrative adventure, a heartfelt tribute to the individuals who support us during our lowest times.

This game handles delicate subjects with an accessible storyline, relatable characters, and meaningful dialogues.

However, as you become more ingrained in the community over time, suspicions arise that not all may be as authentic as they appear—particularly within a flawed healthcare system.

19. What Comes After

What Comes After offers an extraordinary experience, a heartwarming tale, and a heartfelt message to anyone who has ever felt like a burden to others.

Join Vivi on her transformative journey to the realm beyond, where departed souls embark on their next chapter.

Aboard a train carrying people, animals, and plants transitioning to the afterlife, engage in conversations that unveil the profound themes of love, regrets, life, and death that linger in our hearts every day until our final moments.

All of this is presented with a light-hearted touch, sprinkled with humor and philosophical insight.

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20. Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is a heartwarming management simulation that explores the theme of mortality with deep sensitivity and grace.

Join Stella on an emotional voyage across enchanting seas aboard her boat.

As you sail to remote islands in search of trapped spirits seeking closure, you’ll engage in farming, mining, fishing, and crafting. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing this game yet, I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try this autumn.