Top Games Lists: 15 Cozy Games Like Unpacking

Here is your list of cozy games like Unpacking with meditative gameplay, that are part home decoration and part block-fitting puzzle. 


Unpacking Game Features

  • Release Date: 2 November, 2021
  • Developer / Publisher: Witch Beam / Humble Games
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Steam Deck, Xbox & PlayStation
  • Genre: Point & Click Puzzle
  • Coziness Rating: 4 out of 5*

15 Cozy Games Similar to Unpacking

Unpacking touched the hearts of every gamer who’s played it with its subtle, yet emotional house moves and the sense of intimacy that came with unpacking personal items. 

It has since received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and won countless awards. I couldn’t put it down!

For me, I would say Unpacking is one of the best cozy games I’ve played in recent years. It was the perfect game to end the day with – the kind of game that stayed with you long after you stopped playing.

Words fail to express the overwhelming joy I felt upon discovering the pivotal moment in the game *spoiler* when the protagonist bravely parted ways with her suffocating boyfriend, finally reclaiming the freedom to be her authentic self. And that last chapter, wow— she found love again, and with her girlfriend by her side had a precious baby. Her journey was so transformative and it left me wanting more.

Will there be an Unpacking 2? I don’t know but I would like to hope so. Until then what similar games can replicate that familiar experience? Is it even possible?

Let’s take a look at this list of games that do a great job of evoking emotion through simple puzzles, block-fitting and home design.

Finish the game

If you’re stuck in Unpacking or want to complete all the achievements I have a COMPLETE Unpacking Game Guide + Walkthrough & Review you can check out.

Woodo is a cozy 3D puzzle game based on simple diorama assembly mechanics with a beautiful visual style. The game is like a tiny constructor from childhood that immerses players in a peaceful and safe world when we were children. Tags: cozy game, wholesome game, her cozy gaming, game review, cozy games like Unpacking



Woodo is an indie game where players need to assemble cozy wooden dioramas. Everything is made out of wood and comes to life with your interactions. Enjoy cozy and relaxing gameplay with a cute soundtrack. 

Woodo is a cozy 3D puzzle game based on simple diorama assembly mechanics and a beautiful visual style. The game looks like the stop-motion cartoons I used to watch as a kid and that sense of safety can’t be underrated.

Unfortunately, Woodo is still in development but I wanted you to hear about it here first. I will keep you updated about its release and which platforms it’s coming to once I know more.

A Little to the Left - a cozy puzzle game


A Little to the Left

A Little to the Left is a cozy puzzle game that lets you sort, stack, and organize household items.

How many stickers are there on the fruit? What height order do the books stand in? How should pencils be organized?

If you have a place for everything in your home like I do then this popular indie game will satisfy your need for order and perfection. Multiple solutions give this game plenty of replayability as you try to get the highest score. But beware because a naughty cat will try to disrupt your progress.

Dream Organizer on mobile, cozy mobile game


Dream Organizer

Dream Organizer is a simple puzzle game that focuses on the most overlooked areas of our new home – drawers.

In the same vein as A Little to the Left, you will tidy up your drawer by organizing each item into its rightful place. It’s a calming mobile game that’s easy to play on the go.

Shape of Things Tags: cozy games like unpacking, puzzle game, cozy games on steam, new steam game


The Shape of Things

The Shape of Things takes ordinary everyday 3D objects and turns them into collectible gachapons.

Inspired by the popular Rubix Cube toy, you need to find the correct position for each piece by rotating, panning, or scaling until you find the shape of things. With zero pressure and no timers, you can just chill, and progress at your own pace.

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Florence - cozy switch game



Florence is an intimate story about real life first love.

Florence’s life is a relatable cycle of work, sleep, and spending too much time on social media… she feels stuck. But everything changes when she crosses paths with Krish, and you go on a mesmerizing journey through the highs and lows of a relationship.

Just like the unique stages of life explored in Unpacking, Florence invites you to unpack the emotions in different stages of life. This visual novel is short but unforgettable and will leave you with the sweetest memories.

cats organized neatly - cozy games, cozy gaming, cozy gamers, cozy puzzle games, puzzle games on switch, games like a little to the left, similar games to a little to the left


Cats Organized Neatly

Cats Organised Neatly is an adorable puzzle game where you get to choose from a delightful array of cats to fill up grids. With over 80 levels to explore it will satisfy your love for orderly environments and cuteness.

Her Cozy Gaming - Best Cozy Sandbox Games on Nintendo Switch Game - Townscraper Tags: best sandbox games on Switch, best switch adventure games, cozy games 2023, top cozy games on switch, best switch games, coziest switch games, Nintendo Switch Sandbox



Townscaper offers a serene and stress-free city-building experience that allows you to construct charming island towns, magnificent cathedrals, intricate canal networks, or even gravity-defying sky cities on stilts.

With no specific objectives or intense gameplay mechanics, unlike other city builders, the focus is solely on the joy of building and creating to your heart’s content. Indulge in a tranquil journey where the possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination.

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Purchase, restore, and remodel dilapidated houses to sell them for a handsome profit in House Flipper.

Similar to the freedom of Unpacking, you have the flexibility to place items wherever you desire within each room. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to repair sinks and lay down tiles, adding a touch of hands-on renovation to the experience.

House Flipper has 7 DLCs at present so you can add pets, gardens, and even a touch of luxury to your home renovation business. If you loved this game then you’ll also love House Flipper 2.

Monument Valley - cozy mobile game


Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition + Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley is a visually striking narrative puzzle game with plenty of charm and character. A mesmerizing realm of fantastical architecture and mind-bending geometry awaits you.

As the player, your role is to guide the silent princess, Ida, as she navigates through mysterious monuments. Uncover hidden paths, unravel optical illusions, and use your wits to outsmart the elusive Crow People. 



Decor Life – Home Design Game

Are you looking for a casual mobile game that lets you live out your decor fantasies?

Decor Life – Home Design Game has a similar look to Unpacking and combines simple mechanics with unique gameplay. Complete levels to unlock new rooms and create a peaceful atmosphere. Unpack new items to place around your bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Let your imagination run wild!

Her Cozy Gaming - Best Cozy Management Games on Nintendo Switch Tags: cozy management games on switch, Nintendo Switch, management games, cute management games, cozy management games on switch, best switch games, cozy gamer, cozy gaming community


Bear and Breakfast

Do you love the idea of running a B&B? Well, you can in this unique management adventure – Bear and Breakfast. You are a bear in charge of building and operating a cozy bed and breakfast nestled in the tranquil woods.

This laid-back game allows you to construct and customize your Inn with a plethora of guest bedrooms, bathrooms, and entertainment spaces. From furniture to fixtures, each room can be individually tailored to your liking.

Get ready to lose yourself in this charming experience that offers up to 30 hours of delightful gameplay.

Camper Van Make it Home

Leave your old life behind you and hit the road in your very own camper van!

Inspired by Unpacking and Assemble With Care you can craft your own living space inside your very own van, blending elements of block organization puzzle games and interior design. Unleash your creativity as you decorate and organize your collection of objects, while simultaneously uncovering the intriguing backstory that led our protagonist on this personal journey.

Camper Van: Make it Home started life on Kickstarter and as a backer, I can tell you that the estimated release date for this game is December 2024. So we have a little while to wait, *cries into my tea*.

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Assemble With Care

Take on the role of antique restorer Maria who fixes sentimental possessions in Assemble with Care.

Experience a delightful game, exquisitely presented in a vibrant impressionist style and a hand-illustrated story bursting with charm. Assemble With Care is a casual puzzle game inspired by past real world objects that may be familiar to fellow older players.

Venba - Tags: cooking simulator nintendo switch review, cooking games on switch, best cooking sims, chef games, best chef games on nintendo switch, cozy games, cozy games 2023, best cozy games, cozy gaming, her cozy gaming, gaming blog



Venba is a wholesome cooking game with a heartwarming story will a similar look and feel to Unpacking. Step into the shoes of an Indian mother who relocates to Canada alongside her family during the 1980s.

Take part in the preparation of diverse dishes, rediscover forgotten recipes, engage in meaningful conversations, and embark on an exploration through this narrative game centered around themes of family, love, loss, and beyond.

Dream Mobile game


Kawaii Puzzle: Unpacking Decor

Assemble all your adorable belongings and furniture in this cute interior designer.

If you are looking for a fun, cute game to spend your time on, Kawaii Puzzle is the answer. Your goal is to assemble all the parts of these pretty rooms. Create happy memories as you find hidden objects and complete puzzles. Design your own world and let yourself dream.

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