5 Cozy Switch Games Perfect for Winter

As the sun sets on a wonderful year of gaming you may not have thought it was possible, but there are even more cozy Nintendo Switch games coming this holiday season!

What has been your game of the year?

5 Cozy Switch Games Perfect for Winter by Her Cozy Gaming - tags: Nintendo Switch, Winter games, new games, switch games 2022, cozy games 2022

So before spring arrives you might want to snuggle up with these new games coming out on Nintendo Switch this season.

There are still plenty of cozy games to keep you company as the nights grow colder and the days even shorter.

So grab your Switch and get ready to add these to your collection.

5 Cozy Switch Games Perfect for Winter

5 Cozy Games on Nintendo Switch this December 2022 by Her Cozy Gaming - The Outbound Ghost


The Outbound Ghost is an adventure RPG where everyone in the town of Outbound has unresolved issues. At its core is a heartfelt story where you play as a ghost who’s lost their memory and it’s up to you to help them get it back.

The familiar art style is super wholesome and the characters are totally adorable!

The battle system may put off some cozy gamers. Though it has a unique spin on fighting as it uses figments, kinda like pokemon, and there are 38 of them to discover. If you enjoy turn-based games or simply want a cute game that’s a bit more challenging than your average then this will give you hours of entertainment.

If you are a fan of games like the first two Paper Mario titles or turn-based RPGs with great characters and a compelling story, The Outbound Ghost is a game you should pick up this month.

5 Cozy Games on Nintendo Switch this December 2022 by Her Cozy Gaming - Railbound


Railbound is a unique puzzle game about two dogs on a train journey around the world. Can you help everyone get back home? With over 150 clever puzzles to complete ranging from easy to more challenging, Railbound is a charming game and easily completed in 2-4 hours.

With its sweet comic-book-style visuals and relaxing soundtrack, you could easily spend an evening or more enjoying some wholesome vibes guiding single carriages to their destinations.

Don’t worry if you find yourself scratching your head when the puzzles become a bit too challenging though because there’s a hint button within easy reach.

5 Cozy Games on Nintendo Switch this December 2022 by Her Cozy Gaming - Wavetale


Wavetale is a story-heavy action-adventure with a charming art style and relaxing vibe. You play as Sigrid, a girl who lives in a post-apocalyptic world and can mysteriously run on water.

The game is brief, a few hours long, and suitable for all levels of gamers who need to zone out for a bit during the family festivities and be taken on a delightful little journey.

Explore the rollercoaster-esque chutes, zip-line between platforms, and glide over the water. Nip off to a side island just for fun, maybe you’ll discover some coins to buy new cosmetics for Sigrid!

Wavetale is as relaxing as it gets, with scenic views and easy battles every cozy gamer will enjoy.

5 Cozy Games on Nintendo Switch this December 2022 by Her Cozy Gaming - Raptor Boyfriend: a high school romance


Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance is a fantasy coming-of-age dating sim.

Set in the mid 90’s you play as socially anxious Stella, the new kid at school, who’s looking to just fit in, make new friendships, and find the love of her life.

Make phone calls, have sleepovers, and make out with your cryptid lover!

Having been a teenager in the 90’s I can say this game ticks all my boxes and gives me heaps of nostalgic vibes.

Play this if you enjoy visual novels like Coffee Talk.

5 Cozy Games on Nintendo Switch this December 2022 by Her Cozy Gaming - AERY: Path of Corruption


AERY: Path of Corruption is the latest game in the series by EpiXR Games UG where you take flight as a little bird-like spirit.

No enemies, no threats.

Just the relaxing experience of flying through different environments.

In this world, you have to find a certain amount of memory shards to advance the story and unlock more paths. When you’ve found all of the memories, you can choose to explore the other paths.

A simple game with easy controls and an immersive atmosphere.


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