6 Cozy Games Releasing in 2023

Slip into your novelty slippers, pour yourself a cup of tea and snack on these cozy games in 2023.

6 New Fun Games to Play (in 2023)

Thank you to Wholesome Games for providing me with early access to these games.

Can we just take a sec to talk about the gems 2022 dropped on us?

I mean, Stray had us all wanting to adopt a stray cat and solve mysteries. Wylde Flowers? A cozy farming dream. And don’t even get me started on Disney Dreamlight Valley.

So, what’s in store for us cozy gamers in 2023? I’ll let you into a little secret… it’s going to be a HUGE year for gaming! There are a bunch of titles on the horizon that I’ve got my eye on.

Seriously, I’ve been scrolling through teasers and trailers like they’re going out of fashion, and let’s just say my cozy-o-meter is buzzing with excitement.

But hey, I wanna hear from you too! Spotted any upcoming cozy titles that have you hyped?

Top 6 Cozy Games Releasing in 2023

Minekos Night Market

Get ready to mark your calendars, coz Mineko’s Night Market is dropping in September!

This game is like a cozy gamer’s dream wrapped in a love letter to Japanese culture.

So you get to play as Mineko, this super cool girl who ends up on this island at the foot of Mount Fugu. And the best part? The island is obsessed with Sun Cat Abe. Yup, you read that right—CATS!

This game isn’t just pretty; it’s packed with stuff to do. You can put on disguises to sneak into secret spots, get in on some wild cat races (I mean, come on, how cute is that?), and even haggle with the locals. Trust me, you’re gonna be hooked with hours of exploring and quests.

Who else is counting down the days till September?

Valley Peaks

From TubClub comes an open-world adventure game about climbing mountains.

Soak in the sights and escape city life!

Meet many, many frogs on your journey to restore the signal to the area of Valley Peaks as you scale 6 beautiful mountains and fill up your stamp card for upgrades.

At first, I thought this game might be like A Short Hike—the hills, the color palette, it just speaks to me. Are you a mountain lover? Let me know if you’ll be playing this unique game.

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Mail Time

Mail Time is a cozy cottagecore adventure about delivering mail.

I adored the art style and premise of being a delivery girl, like the driving-sim Lake. But this is super cozy and hits all the right notes.

Playing the demo was the first time I’ve checked out the music and I must say it gave me serious Kingdom Hearts vibes. I like it!


Loddlenaut is a cozy underwater survival game inspired by the Tamagochi’s of my teen years (early-2000s) and relaxing underwater games like ABZU.

You play as a custodian from space who’s traveled to a water planet to clean up the pollution and save the cutest little alien creatures I’ve seen in a game.

The alien pets are called loddles and resemble axolotls, how cute is that?

Distant Bloom

Distant Bloom is a cozy management sim where you play as a small alien on a mission far away from home.

At its heart is your crew – a community of aliens who you will reunite with to breathe life into your new home. Restore the plant life and build your camp.

It took me a while to get into the story, to begin with. I found myself speeding through the dialogue. Though once I was able to move and explore I was on an adventure!

Bits & Bops

Bits & Bops is a playful rhythm game with some funky beats I couldn’t stop bopping to while playing the demo.

The game will eventually feature over 20 mini-games with different hand-drawn animations for you to try your tapping finger at.

My personal favorite? Hammer Time!

I was in stitches trying to keep the rhythm and actually, I think I did a better job putting together my apothecary side table. Probably best I don’t try to build any flatpack furniture to rhythm in the future though.