23 New COZY Cat Games on Nintendo Switch UNDER $20

Purr over these cozy cat games on Nintendo Switch for less than the price of kitty kibble.

Are you a pet parent or dreaming of becoming a cat mom in the near future? Well, as a mom of a naughty tortie, I can tell you that cats make the best pets!

Cats are adorable and you’ll never tire of their tiny little toe beans. What’s great is you can play on your Nintendo Switch while they sit tightly curled on your lap for hours.

I’ve found 23 wonderfully cute cat games on Nintendo Switch for you to disappear the hours with as your kitty gets her 16 hours of beauty sleep a day.

Wish I could sleep for that long!

My TOP 23 Budget Cat Games on Nintendo Switch

1. A Building Full of Cats

You have been hired to pet ALL the cats!

Yep, every last one.

A Building Full of Cats is an adorable hidden object cozy game similar in style to Hidden Cats in London (another cat game I highly recommend!). You travel around the building entering each room to find every cat on that level.

Don’t forget to check the main menu and other areas too though… you can’t leave any cats behind!

Get A Building Full of Cats on Nintendo Switch

2. Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Do you remember Nintendodogs & Cats on the 3DS?

Well Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is an adorable pet simulator that will make take you back to those good old days.

In this pet simulation game, you first choose a dog but later on, you can choose from 3 cat breeds – Japanese Cat, American Shorthair, and Scottish Fold. Although there are only 3, they come in a variety of colors so your kitty feels more personal to you.

Meet your new Little Friends on Nintendo Switch

3. Sudocats

Sudoku for cat people.

Can you think of a better pairing to whittle away an hour on your coffee break than this adorable combination?

With an option for 4×4, 6×6, and 9×9 puzzles, a customizable grid, and backgrounds, you can introduce your cats together properly so they learn to play nicely together.

Sudoku is a nice relaxing break from your daily routine.

Arrange your Sudocats on Nintendo Switch

4. Catie in MeowmeowLand

This Alice in Wonderland-inspired adventure game puts a spin on classical point-and-click games with a world of cats and ludicrous characters.

Catie in MeowmeowLand is a wonderfully bizarre world of fantasy and illustrations.

Can you help little Catie find her way back to normality?

Embrace the unexpected with Catie in MeowmeowLand on Nintendo Switch

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5. Cattails

Date cats and have adorable kittens!

Fulfill your fantasy of becoming a cat in this Stardew-Esque animal simulation.

Explore an expansive open world, hunt for food, gather food and meet other cat tribes. You can raise your own fluffy family and marry the cat of your dreams.

If you don’t mind a little bit of combat then Cattails is the choice for you.

Live on the wild side in Cattails on Nintendo Switch

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6. Calico

Calico is a relaxing, stress-free community sim where you and your magical female neighbors help restock your cat cafe.

Fill it will tasty food, stylish furniture, and cuddly cats!

You’ll fulfill the needs of the town folk while being followed by your animal posse. There are more than just cats in this idyllic world.

Fulfill your surrealist dreams in Calico on Nintendo Switch

7. A Little to the Left

A Little To The Left is a cozy puzzle game.

Beware of the mischievous cat though, or all your hard work could be undone.

A Little to the Left is a satisfying tidying game where you sort, stack, and organize your home to look incredibly aesthetic.

No 2 puzzles are the same.

Tidy up with A Little to the Left on Nintendo Switch

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8. Cat Cafe Manager

Adopt strays for your Cat Cafe.

Cat Cafe Manager is exactly what you think it is – a cafe full of cats!

Befriend the local cat population and delight your customers as you rebuild your decaying cafe into a place of whimsy. Uncover secrets and adopt stray cats.

You’ll need to hire staff, train them and dish-up custom orders. 

Delight your paying customers in Cat Cafe Manager on Nintendo Switch

9. Stray Cat Doors

An adorable point-and-click puzzler.

Play as a cute cat girl in this atmospheric and incredibly therapeutic game that will make you purr with delight.

Escape with Stray Cat Doors on Nintendo Switch now


Embark on the ultimate CATventure!

Cat Quest 2 is an open-world action-RPG fantasy filled with cats and dogs. Venture through a curious world filled with magic, curious monsters, and explosive spells.

Do you accept the quest?

Buy Cat Quest 2 on Nintendo Switch

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Unblock little Tom’s path.

If you played with those little sliding puzzles as a kid in the 80s as I did then Cat Slide Tiles is a nostalgic vibe that will hook you in. With over 80 puzzles, collect the keys to complete the levels.

Slide your way to mastery in Cat Slide Tiles on Nintendo Switch

12. Mojito the Cat Extended Edition

Find the shortest path.

Mojito the Cat Extended Edition is a 3D Puzzle Cat labyrinth. Rotate your cat piece to collect coins and jump to the next level.

Explore the vibrant worlds, and unlock all new skins by solving the challenging puzzles with as few moves as possible to get 3 golden cubes in every level.

Play the Mojito the Cat Extended Edition on Nintendo Switch


Does your kitty have a case of the night zoomies? Perhaps they need a little convincing to drift off to sleep.

Roll around your barrel of floof in this simple and relaxing game for puzzle lovers! These round little kitties need to go to sleep and you need to put them to bed because without your help they’ll stay awake all night.

Tumble into bed with Roll The Cat on Nintendo Switch

14. sCATch: The Painter Cat

Make a colorful mess.

sCATch is a little painter who needs your help to find the end of the maze. A short puzzle game with 40 levels in a classic pixel art style.

Get painting in sCATch: The Painter Cat on Nintendo Switch

15. I Love Finding Cats! – Collector’s Edition

I Love Finding Cats is a classic Hidden Object game.

Visit beautiful locations from across the globe while you find and collect adorable feline friends! This Collector’s Edition also includes Christmas Bonus levels.

Find your friends in I Love Finding Cats! – Collector’s Edition on Nintendo Switch

16. .CAT

Teleport to another world in this 2D pixel cat game for all ages.

A cute platforming game where you play as the cat. Avoid obstacles and beat enemies to reach the end of the stage.

Play .CAT on Nintendo Switch today (currently part of a bundle too)

17. Piffle: A Cat Puzzle Adventure

A cute and chill puzzle arcade adventure! Break the blocks, build those combos, and collect lovable Piffle Balls. Play at your own speed in this loveable game.

Craft your piffle balls in Piffle: A Cat Puzzle Adventure on Nintendo Switch

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18. A Street Cat’s Tale

Can you help this poor little kitty find its lost mother? Meet new friends, gather food and survive until the end. There are multiple endings for you to discover. Perhaps have the tissues to hand.

Keep your cat safe in A Street Cat’s Tale on Nintendo Switch

19. Kitaria Fables

Kitaria Fables is a cute farming action and adventure RPG.

Fight back against the darkness. Farm for ingredients, plant seeds and tend to your crops to gather materials and craft weapons to save Paw Village. A cute and cozy local co-op with combat.

Get Kitaria Fables on Nintendo Switch

20. BlobCat

Protect the DiceMice! Stop the mice from getting eaten by the rotund cats by guiding them to their mouse holes.

BlobCat has been around for a while but it’s a short fun puzzle game that you can play solo, local co-op, or online multiplayer.

Dress up your mice in BlobCat on Nintendo Switch

21. Mineko’s Night Market

Mineko’s Night Market is a narrative-driven simulation game.

Play as Mineko, a curious girl who has just arrived at her new home on a struggling Japanese-inspired island where the locals worship the Sun Cat, Abe.

Wishlist Mineko’s Night Market on Nintendo Switch

22. Bright Paw: Definitive Edition

There’s been a murder. Your owner is dead and you, Theo, have to embark on an epic adventure to solve the crime.

A complex and witty storyline with terrific voice acting, Bright Paw is an engaging puzzler with an ambient soundtrack that will be relaxing for cozy gamers who like a challenge.

Solve the mystery in Bright Paw: Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch

23. Night in the Woods

Mae is no ordinary cat.

College dropout Mae Borowski returns home to Possum Springs to reconnect with the friends she left behind. But things aren’t the same anymore. A charming indie that touches on themes of depression and disassociation.

Find out what’s in the woods in A Night in the Woods on Nintendo Switch