10 FREE Cozy Games You Probably Didn’t Know About

Cozy Games don’t have to break the bank.

Right now, there is an abundance of affordable and calming games scattered across all gaming consoles.

If you’re on a budget and need a cozy game to help you unwind, there are plenty of options available and today I’m going to share with you some that are completely free to play!

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The BEST Free Cozy Games You’ll Fall in Love With

There’s no doubt that there are more cozy games than ever for us gamers to play, but some of them are incredibly expensive. Fae Farm was one of those games that popped up out of nowhere last year and had everyone up in arms because of the price.

If I hadn’t received it for free from the developer I don’t think I would have spent $60 on it, no way! That’s why I wrote this post on some affordable cozy games. And since then I’ve been keeping my eyes open for free games to play on PC and Nintendo Switch too.

Because those are my main gaming platforms. I do have a list of games you can play on the Xbox Game Pass which for one flat monthly fee isn’t too shabby if you ask me. But that’s still not free is it?

How can I find free games to play?

Thankfully the Steam library is overflowing with indie games. Some of the bigger titles have demos you can play for free while other titles are totally free to play.

Then there are free browser games. Cozy games without the need to download. I have some for you right here to play straight away.

If you don’t own a PC then perhaps you want free cozy games for Switch. Some of the same video games that are free on Steam are also free on Switch. But you have to be a bit more savvy. Inside the Nintendo Switch Store, you can search for ‘Demo Available’ or toggle on ‘$0-$4.99’.

If you’re looking to try out some new games without spending any money, continue scrolling down because I’ve found 10 FREE Cozy Games you’ve probably never heard of!

Free cozy games, best free cozy games, free cozy games online, her cozy gaming, Equinoxe



Equinoxe is a short atmospheric puzzle game that feels almost poetic.

This game combines thoughtful storytelling with tricky puzzle sequences in two mirrored universes. Embark on a journey of self-discovery to bring back harmony and balance to your world with the aid of water, its most essential energy source.

Discover the wonders of the sun and moon and work your way through puzzles by bridging the two worlds together.

Although the puzzles may seem fairly straightforward, the overall atmosphere of the game more than compensates for it.

Available on STEAM.

Free cozy games, best free cozy games, free cozy games online, her cozy gaming, Fayburrow



In a world of fairies.

Fayburrow is a narrative-driven third-person game with a focus on intriguing characters and an engaging plot.

Embark on a thrilling journey as amateur detective Beatrice, along with fairy Lu, together you’ll explore the mystery of your hometown Fayburrow, discovering captivating secrets along the way. Beatrice discovers that her childhood best friend, Agnes, had gone missing. Embark on a journey with the two detectives and uncover the mystery of Agnes’ disappearance. Unravel Fayburrow’s past to reveal the secret of its present.

Be prepared to be taken on an amazing journey filled with vibrant and captivating visuals, as well as enthralling conversations between the characters. You are sure to experience a magical realm of fairies and uncover secrets from the past.

Out now on STEAM.

Free cozy games, best free cozy games, free cozy games online, her cozy gaming, Kinoko



Spring is here.

Support Kinoko the forest spirit to bring an end to the winter season and let spring bloom by assisting her in her mission. Traverse through nature and experience it revive as you remove snow, plant flowers, and observe the world. Put your feet up, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beauty of nature by soaking in the beauty of flowers and listening to bird songs.

Kinoko lasts for about 15 minutes and is meant to be a soothing third-person experience. It’s a one-time activity, so there is no way to save your progress.

Play on STEAM.

Free cozy games, best free cozy games, free cozy games online, her cozy gaming, The Pinball Arcade


The Pinball Arcade

Playing Pinball Arcade brings back fond memories of when pinball machines were all the rage. It’s a great way to take a trip down memory lane and spend hours as you reminisce.

The 90s was a great era for Pinball machines and although I was never the best at them, this game provided me with many hours of entertainment.

The base game is totally free but if you wish to you can purchase DLC packs for the Pinball machines.


Free cozy games, best free cozy games, free cozy games online, her cozy gaming, Lay



Embark on a poetic and contemplative journey with Elise, a spirited young explorer, as she makes her way through this exciting adventure.

Lay is an exciting adventure game experienced from a third-person perspective. Hop aboard a manta ray and journey through the air to unearth the secrets that are held within this world.

Experience hours of enjoyment trying to solve puzzles by feeding animals with this amazing game. The beauty of each of the 4 islands in Lay will enchant you for hours.

Available on STEAM.

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Hearts Co

Dive into the thrilling world of Hearts, a game where your strategic skills can shine. At Hearts.co, players can play the classic card game where the goal is to score as few points as possible, making every play a balance between risk and reward. The game is accessible and free to play, welcoming both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers to navigate and connect with players from all across the world.

Available on HEARTS.CO

Cozy Games I bought in 2023 on Nintendo Switch - Tags: cozy games nintendo switch, cozy switch games 2023, cozy switch games 2024, top 10 cozy games on switch, top 10 cozy switch games, cheap cozy switch games, Palia



Palia is my go-to game for a bit of comfort these days. It used to be Dreamlight Valley but now I’m all about the stunning biomes and wholesome community in Palia.

This cozy life sim is also an MMO where gamers can farm together, build their plot of land, hunt chappas, and date the locals. It’s basically Stardew Valley, but FREE! There is no set end goal, and you are free to explore and take part in activities at your own pace.

Download on PC or Nintendo Switch.

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Botany Manor

If puzzlers set to the melodic sounds of birdsong is more your thing may I introduce you to Botany Manor?

This is by far my favorite game demo to play right now. The full game won’t be free but if you just want to walk around the grounds of a stately home in 19th century England for a while without leaving your home, play this.

Botany Manor is a walking sim and first-person puzzler with a stunning aesthetic. I’ve already played hours of their free demo and can’t wait for the full game release on Steam.

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An Arcade Full of Cats

Journey through gaming history’s time and space, while searching for adorable feline companions in ‘An Arcade Full of Cats,’ the ultimate pet’em up hidden object game.

For a point-and-click free game about cute cats, you’d be hard-pressed not to like this. Just a quick scroll on their Steam page and you can see some overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans of the game. I think the retrowave-inspired soundtrack doesn’t hurt either.

I adore hidden object games! I could spend hours looking for these cute kitties.

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Alpaca Stacka

A 3D adventure platformer where you play as a kind alpaca dedicated to helping their animal friends.

If you require some cute animals and pretty graphics you’ll fall in love with Alpaca Stacka. A popular cute game among cozy gamers that is often recommended if you’re looking for something free to play.

The goal is to help Mama Hen find all her lost chickens. It’s incredibly simple and short and left me wanting more chickens! I do hope this game gets expanded upon.

Download for FREE on Steam.

Do you know any other free cozy games for PC or Nintendo Switch? Let my readers know in the comments and help make it easier for cozy gamers to find their next relaxing game.


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