Ages of Cataria is the Perfect Comfort Game

Ages of Cataria is an upcoming colony simulation game that is sure to be a hit with gamers of all ages.

The game takes place in a cozy village and provides a unique experience for players you won’t find elsewhere.

The Kickstarter by the team behind Third Pie Studios was fully funded in less than 10hrs!

News about the game is trending among cozy gamers on TikTok due to its unique blend of story and village simulation, not dissimilar to Outlanders for Apple Arcade.

Plus it has the cutest aesthetic and adorable farm animals.

Here’s my take on why you should be excited for Ages of Cataria to release on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023/24… yes, I know *sad face*. But it’ll be here before you know it!

What is Ages of Cataria?

Ages of Cataria is a village story generator! Develop your villager’s stories as they grow old in your town, customize your village to your aesthetic, and discover a fantastical new land. 

Third Pie Studios

The story of Cataria is one of legend. An ancient civilization once inhabited the continent until one day, for reasons unknown, it disappeared. Centuries later, you and your people get to rediscover the land by crafting a new home and building a community.

You get to choose between two ancestries – Humans or Elves. Discover unique stories depending on which you choose and build entirely different village aesthetics.

The villagers each have their own personalities, skill proficiencies, and wellness levels. They grow old over 7 real-world weeks and eventually pass away to become a part of the history of your village. Their spirit actually lives on inside the town’s Spirit Tree, blessing your community.

Ages of Cataria is set in real-world time, and its seasons progress just as they do in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Unlike ACNH though, “if you’re away longer than 2 days, the game will pause so villagers stop aging, or you can set a “vacation” mode for when you know you’re going to be away.” In replying to a comment on their Kickstarter, the team also mentions, “Time will pass when you’re offline, but this is mostly for collecting resources. Important villager life events will be waiting for you when you log back in.”

Cataria is a bustling world with many events. Experience environmental challenges such as hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, villager disagreements, births, and sickness. 

Or just sit by the water’s edge and admire your home as day turns to night. Relax and embark on an interactive novel as your villager goes on a quest.

Who made Ages of Cataria?

Ages of Cataria is created by Third Pie Studios, a passionate indie development company founded by CEO, and Creative Director Alex McCord.

Together with COO, Producer & Project Manager Nicole Gabriel, this partner team set out to bring McCord’s vision for Ages of Cataria to life.

The global pandemic of 2020 brought the world to a standstill. Jobs were scarce, even more so for those with little experience.

McCord, having been unable to find work within the gaming industry decided to build his own development studio.

He wanted to create a game reminiscent of the simulation games he played as a child on his PC, ones suitable for players of all ages, even his mom.

The colony sim Ages of Cataria is his childhood dream, made possible by the amazing team of creatives behind Third Pie Studios.

Ages of Cataria on Kickstarter

Ages of Cataria launched on Kickstarter on February 22nd, 2022.

In less than 10hrs the game had surpassed its funding goal of $10,000. Faster than the popular Coral Island by Stairway Games, a similar story-driven farming simulation that took 72hrs to reach their funded goal.

I managed to nab an Early Bird bargain on the first day after signing up for their email waitlist. No way was I missing out! I just missed out on Coral Island and since then I’ve kept a close eye on Kickstarter and upcoming indie games in development.

The Kickstarter is now FULLY FUNDED.


Third Pie Studios announced Switch Support is coming for Ages of Cataria.

“Currently, just Steam and Switch releases are planned. We are exploring mobile for the future.”

Are you excited about Ages of Cataria?