8 Secrets to Creating the Ultimate Cozy Gaming Room!

Designing a cosy gaming room can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. However, with a little bit of planning and effort, you can build your dream gaming desk setup and save yourself money in the long run. Here are my 8 secrets to creating the ULTIMATE cozy gaming room:

Start with what you have

So you want your own gaming space, love it! Let’s get started.

But first you need to take into consideration what else your room needs to functions as. Is it also a home office, second bedroom, your bedroom, the spare room or a guest room? Mine was the spare room, or more affectionatly coined, the dump room – unused and unloved.

You can overhaul your whole room like I did, or carve out a quiet corner of it with minimal effort. Zoning areas and adding some extra-cosy touches will create a space to relax and enjoy your cosy hobbies. There’s nothing like stepping away from it all and retreating to a cocoon-like gaming space for some quality you time.

Begin with your colour palette

The next step is to splash on some fresh paint (ask your landlord for permission if your rent).


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To create a calming space look for muted colors—warm grey, beige, tones of coffee, and eggshell. Or if you prefer a moody atmosphere go for grounding greens, inkey blues, and the deepest mauves.

My Favorite Cozy Paint Colours

I’ve used many different paint colours for my own gaming space. I’m partial to a dark academia aesthetic with muted, rich colours that feel luxuries and homey.

Add a sumptious rug

Not only are rugs comforting under foot but they also double as soundproofing for rooms with hard flooring.

I have several in my room because I just don’t like the original carpet. As a renter I am limited in what I can do with my decor but that doesn’t stop me from adding cozy touches here and there.

Use ambient lighting

When natural light isn’t an option, because you’ll probably be gaming late into the evenings, opt for subtle abient lights.

There are servel ways to add lighting to a space. There are strip lights which you can add to the back of monitors, panel lights which look aestheically pleasing placed around the walls, and even bulbs for your main light that you can dim from your phone.

When positioning your desk consider your light sources.

If you’re thinking about being a content creator down the line positioning your desk in front of a window will save you a ton on lighting. Plus natural light lifts your mood and is much better for your eyes if you’re staring at a screen for long hours.

My Nanoleaf Panel Lights

The most recent addition to my gaming room is the nanoleaf panels in wood effect from Amazon. Even when they are off they look great in my space!

Best desk for gaming

No gaming room would be complete without a desk to sit, or stand, at.

There’s no one size fits all desk for gamers. Desks come in all shapes and sizes now. You have your the ever-trendy standing gaming desks. White gaming desks. L-shaped gaming desks. Curved L-shaped gaming desks. Corner desks. The list goes on.

It’s important to measure the space where you want your desk to live and plan out roughly where all your gaming periphelas will be. For example, do you want your PC tower to be on, or under, your desk? How many monitors will you need – what sizes are the screens? Will you be needing speakers or will headphones surfice? All these things take up space.

If you can picture how you want your setup to look and feel in your space prior to purchase it’ll save on any costly mistakes down the road.

I have a custom standing desk. The legs were from Songmics Home and the tabletop is made from reclaimed wood which I had custom made on eBay in 2019 (seller no longer active). I’ve listed a few options below similar to mine that won’t cost you the earth.

standing desk Options



See now



See now



See now

standard desk Options



See now



See now

Pros: A standing desk can help with better posture, reduces back pain and not to mention, looks good in any setup.

Cons: They can be a stress to put together and more expensive than a standard desk.

Get the best gaming chair

Your chair should support your back, not break it.

This has to be by far the most important part of every cozy gamer’s setup – a comfy, supportive chair. Even if you plan on purchasing a standing desk you will, at some point, still need to sit down and rest your feet.

My first chair was the ikea scooped chair… and I highly dissuade you from making the same mistake. It was terribly uncomfortable, non-adjustable, had zero padding and broke my back due to its lack of posture support.

When looking for the perfect gaming chair for your desk setup I recommend the following:

  • Lumber and back support: Make sure the lumbar support lines up smack dab in the center of your back, right where it fits snugly with the curve of your spine. Most gaming chairs are very rigid so they come with a lumbar pillow you can adjust for back support.
  • Armrests: Firstly, it’s essential your chair has armrests as many popular desk chairs don’t. And secondly, the armrests can be adjusted to the right height. You want your wrists and elbows to be comfortably held to avoid carpal tunnel that may arrise from gaming for long periods of time.
  • Adjustable height: The perfect height for a chair allows your legs to sit at a 90 degree angle and your monitors sit at eye level.
  • Extra features: Besides functionality chairs need to look good and feel great! Get one that best reflects your personality and comfort levels. And if you don’t need a desk chair, becuase you have a Nintendo Switch, then you could always invest in a good armchair for your room.

Don’t skip this step

The most important part of any cozy gamers setup is the audio.

Even if you’re not a content creator like myself you’ll still want to hear those cozy gameplay sounds with crystal clarity. How else will you be able to enjoy the Koroks adorable theme song in The legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Block out your family with a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Blast out your favourite tunes on a set of speakers. Talk to chat on Twitch with the best budget microphone in my opinion.

Here are some of my favourites:

Edifier R1280DBs Active Bluetooth Speakers

Ditch the chords with these gorgeous Edifier bluetooth speakers. Connect wirelessly to your phone, tablet, and laptop or PC.

Sony WH-CH520 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

With a built-in mirophone, noise cancelling and up to 50 hours of battery life, these Sony headphones are more than just pretty, they’re ideal for gamers on a budget.

Logitech G G735 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Logitech G series is unmatched in comfort and sound! Worn by popular YouTubers they are the go to headset for any cozy gamer who cares about their comfort and aesthetic.


Grab my Cozy Games Checklist with 125 cozy games for all platforms. Plus you’ll receive my TOP GAME PICKS for the month straight to your inbox!

Make Storage a Priority

This is often the most overlooked part of a gamer’s setup.

It’s functional but often not very aesthetic. But when you have loads of spare wires and controllers you don’t want on display where will you put them if you don’t have some drawers?

Trust me, you need a good storage system. Even just some cute floating display shelves can take your gaming room to the next level.

Her Cozy Gaming Desk Setup Inspiration

You can find more from Wendy on her YouTube channel


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