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Have you ever thought… hmm, I wonder how Wendy found that cozy game? or how does she come up with ideas for her YouTube videos?

Well, the truth is I never stop thinking about the next big indie game release and I love creating content so much that I am a fountain of ideas (believe me, I never switch off!).

That’s why I decided to create not one, but two regular newsletters for my loyal readers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you love playing the most relaxing cozy games and like discovering new ones on Steam and Nintendo Switch? Would you like regular updates from me and hear about events I may be hosting on Twitch, or new videos I just posted on YouTube?

If you answered ‘Absolutely Wendy, I never want to miss out on the cozy games you recommend and your social media posts!‘ then my monthly newsletter for cozy gamers is right for you.

Do you fancy yourself the next successful YouTuber or TikToker, or perhaps a Twitch Streamer? Are perhaps interested in starting your own blog? Would you like free tips from yours truly and monthly drop-ins to see how you’re getting on with your business?

If you squealed ‘Uh YES Wendy, I want what you have. Tell me all the things so I get sponsorships and free stuff from brands. I WANT to be a gaming content creator!‘ then my regular newsletter for creators is a good fit for you.

YES! A thousand times yes. I never send out both emails on the same day so you’ll never get annoyed. Pinky promise.

Absolutely not, you have to start somewhere. I hope you choose to start here.

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