8 Cozy Gamers Worth Following on Instagram

The best Instagram accounts to follow if you love cozy games.

I feel like there are more and more cozy gamers on Instagram now than ever. Just when you think Insta has had its day another gamer rises from 0-2K followers in less than a month.

Perhaps it’s down to the success of Threads, I can’t be sure, but I have noticed that people are finding my account from Threads who have never seen a post from me on Instagram. It’s interesting, to say the least.

We can’t turn our backs on Instagram just yet gamers!

With that in mind, I want to share some of my favorite cozy gamers to grace my home feed. They’re listed in no particular order. I’ve made a note of their key features so you can easily find people who you resonate with.

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The Best Cozy Gamers on Instagram to Follow

Em @wisteriem

Em is 22 years old from the US and shares new games, cozy vlogs and setup inspo on her page. I admire her soft aesthetic – pale green and white flood her feed. Her cute kitties Eevee and Cosmo often steal the limelight with their grace and poise.

  • Loves all things cozy, coffee and green
  • Posts lifestyle and aesthetic gaming content
  • Featured on Screen Rant

Cassie @cassiedakota

Cassie is a content creator from Melbourne, Australia. They’ve worked with well-known brands across the digital space like Elgato, Sony and Nintendo. I’ve been following Cassie’s journey for quite some time and their photography skills are outstanding!

  • Moved to Japan
  • Posts lifestyle, tech and travel content
  • Occasionally shares cozy game recommendations

Saga @cosysaga

Saga is a digital creator from Sweden who shares her blend of cozy gaming and love of the outdoors. She probably moves her setup around more than I do!

  • New to Instagram
  • Shares a variety of cozy hobbies
  • Posts her aesthetic desk setup frequently

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Gale @gamergirlgale

Gale is a full-time gamer and streamer from the Netherlands. I remember following her before she blew up on TikTok. I am obsessed with her arm tattoo of her munchkin cat Goji. Gale is a familiar figure in the cozy community with her pink and white, minimalist gaming setup.

  • Cute, clean gaming setup
  • Worked in social media & pr in the gaming industry
  • Represented by Hermana Agency

Aureliana @cozy.goblin.gaming

Aureliana Mel Reverie is a gamer from MN, USA with a distinctive forestcore aesthetic. Her thrifted gaming setup is the main reason I followed her originally. In particular, she has a peculiar antique desk which I’m super jealous of because it screams cozy to me.

  • Maximalist Desk Setup
  • Huge fan of Zelda
  • Shares games on Switch & PC

Kiwi @gamewithkiwi

Kiwi is a UK based content creator who shares let’s plays and cozy demos. Her cozy gaming feed is pure aesthetic and makes me long for more game collectibles. She has an impressive Pokemon card collection too!

  • Peachy cute feed aesthetic
  • Partnered with Logitech G and Nintendo UK
  • Sharing all things cozy

Coco @cocoduckgames

Coco is a “cozy flavored gamer” Brit who moved to Australia. Her Instagram is an extension of her YouTube channel where she loves sharing news, reviews and recommendations for cozy gamers. Her YouTube channel members can get their pet pics featured on her end screen! #adorable

  • Memes are her love language
  • Hobbies include clay crafting
  • YouTube Partner

Sophie & Josh @cozygamescorner

Sophie and Josh are a cozy gaming couple from the UK with 37K followers! I’ve been following them for a good few years now. Their Instagram feed is quintessentially wholesome and all kinds of warm and inviting.

  • Features a huge variety of cozy games
  • Earthy, woodland aesthetic
  • Lots of discount codes!

Having read a bit about these Instagram accounts and the gamers who curate them, I implore you to click the follow button and acquaint yourself with these warm and welcoming folks!

Here is how you can support these amazing cozy gamers:

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  • Comment on their posts
  • Share them with others who may find them helpful

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