5 TOP Cozy Gamers on YouTube Worth Watching

After a long day, I know that you want to relax, flip open your laptop, and watch some cozy gamers on YouTube. Don’t worry, I gotchu!

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There’s something about cozy gaming that makes you feel like a part of a warm, nurturing community of women who truly want you to experience kindness and comfort.

Cozy gaming is a steadily growing genre on YouTube and I’m always looking for women to watch play relaxing and comforting games. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for what content gamers prefer to watch on YouTube.

Some channels focus exclusively on one particular game or console, while others are more casual and share a variety of gaming content, from game recs to ideas for cozy game rooms. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

They never fail to make me feel good when I watch their content, so I wanted to share them with you in case you need some Cozy Gamer recommendations tonight.

And if you want to follow me I’m @hercozygaming 🎉 but now over to the real stars:

5 Cozy Gamers on YouTube You Need To Watch

Cozy Gamer Kat @cozygamerkat

What first caught my eye about her channel was the dark, moody aesthetic and how softly spoken and welcoming Kat is to new viewers. Cozy Gamer Kat plays games like The Last of Us, The Witcher 3 and Far Cry 6.

  • On a mission to make any game cozy!
  • Posts everything from cute indie games to spooky AAA games

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Miss Bubbles @missbubbles

I was fortunate to meet Miss Bubbles at Insomnia, Birmingham in 2023 and she’s just as bubbly in person as she is on YouTube! Her introductions are bound to put a smile on your face as she calls you a “Gorgeous human being” and gets straight to the meat of her videos with no fluff.

  • Plays RPG, JRPG, cozy, open-world, and life-sim games
  • Influencer Marketing Manager at Dames 4 Games
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Kennedy @cozyk

Sometimes also known as simply Cozy Gamer, Kennedy started her YouTube journey after successfully building a cozy community of gamers on TikTok. Cozy K shares her love of not just gaming but everything cozy, especially hobbies! From outfits to self-care tips, home organization, and cozy routines.

  • Your cozy gaming, hobby & lifestyle bestie
  • Long-running Stardew Valley series (160 videos!)

Iona @eeowna

Eeowna exclusively covers her favorite games on Nintendo Switch – from best games to new and upcoming games. She was the face of YouTube’s Channel video ‘@Eeowna explains the rise and reign of cozy gaming on YouTube’ in 2023 in which yours truly had a brief appearance too (like 2 seconds though!).

  • Has a PhD in Chemistry
  • Covers all games comfy and cozy

Payton’s Corner @paytonscorner

Payton is a YouTuber based in NYC living with a chronic illness called endometriosis. A disease I too suffered from so I know how debilitating it can be. Because of this, she loves to play cute and cozy games that radiate positivity and good vibes.

  • Plays cozy and chaotic games
  • Regular cozy game lists and monthly top games

Having read a bit about these YouTubers, I implore you to click the follow button and acquaint yourself with them further by watching some of their videos. And if there’s a Cozy YouTuber you would like to see on this list please leave a comment as I’ll be back to add more lovely gamers soon!

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