Unlock Your Best Year Ever in 2024: A 90-Day Guide to Transforming Your Life

As you can see by the title, this is your 90-Day Guide to Transforming Your Life and having your best year ever in 2024.

If last year wasn’t good to you, or even if it was and you just want more of a good thing… I gotchu.

This guide is quite literally the steps I’ve taken over the last 3 months to get where I am now and be in such a positive space. Physically, mentally and spiritually.


I’ve included a couple of affiliate links as they help keep my blog running. So if you do click on them imagine me giving you a giant squeeze of thanks! Terms of Use and such.

How I went from working as a supermarket cashier earning minimum wage to being my own boss earning £2000+ per month.

So this is everything I did that propelled me from earning £10 an hour in my day job to now—I have to turn down projects if they offer less than £500!

And believe me when I tell you, all it took was a few incremental changes over 90 days to turn my whole year around.

So whatever it is that you want to achieve in 2024, you can. With my guide, you will set yourself up for success just like I did. Oh, and before you ask, I’m not selling anything. I just wanted to share more personal posts with you this year and this felt like I great place to start!

Be honest with me now… How was 2023 for you? If you just rolled your eyes and groaned, I feel that.

2023 was not it for me either.

I thought I was doing okay until in September of 2023 I had the rug pulled out from under me. I found out that my job was cutting back on hours… and staff. I was shaken.

I thought, “That’s okay. I’ve got my blog! I’ll be fine.”

But that very same day Google pushed out a helpful content update and my website lost over 70% of its traffic overnight.

Hit a girl when she’s down why don’t you, uh.

Thankfully I knew the steps I needed to take to get my life back on track, it had worked for me once before and it’ll work again. It’s a constant reminder that I have what it takes to turn my life around.

By the way, once I did this I landed a 4-figure brand deal with an agency for a well-known gaming brand! But more about this later.

90 Days to Make a Habit in 4 Steps

It’s okay to fall apart, you’re human after all.

But it’s not okay to stay there and pray someone else will sort out your shit for you. I don’t know about you, but this girl has bills to pay and new cozy games to buy. Ain’t no one coming between me and the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update.

So let this be YOUR guide too because I know I’m not the only gamer girl who’s had to pick herself up more than once, wipe away the tears, wash the crusty dry shampoo out of her hair, and put on some people clothes. In the words of Mirabel Madrigal, “I’m sick of waiting on a miracle!”

In 3 months your life could look so much brighter.

It only takes 90 days to make a habit and pivot your life in the direction of your dreams. I mean, you don’t want to be standing exactly where you are right now in 3 months, do you? Not me. And besides I turn 40 in 2024!

What big dates do you have coming up that you want to show up as the best version of yourself for?

The first thing you’re going to want to do to kick start your growth journey to a better, more successful year is to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Step 1: How to be more self-aware

It’s so easy to float through life on autopilot. One minute it’s January and life’s great. In a blink it’s May, and you find yourself in the exact same place you were 5 months ago, and with nothing to show for it.

Being more self-aware is the cornerstone of personal growth.

Think of it like a tutorial in a game. Skip it and I guarantee that in about an hour, you’ll be so frustrated you’ll rage quit. And to top it off you’ll leave a bad review and try to get a refund. But you were the problem darling, don’t blame the game.

But you’re not alone, you hear me?

You may have thought that life didn’t come with a tutorial but actually, it’s been disguised as self-awareness all along—you just haven’t been reading yourself correctly.

Being mindful of your needs is the key to better understanding your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Knowing yourself first, warts and all, sets the stage for your success later.

Take my weaknesses for example: I can be an anxious mess that has extreme imposter syndrome. But you see, I’m aware of it and know that the reason for my anxiety is stress and my imposter is just doom-scrolling TikTok at 1am when I feel like crap.

So when I recognize what I’m doing, and remember the repercussions of my own actions, I remove myself from the situation. Take a breather from whatever is causing me stress and turn my goddamn phone off!

And that’s what we’re doing here in this guide—building your tutorial.

Once you have the “controls” the rest of the game gets to be that little bit easier.

And if you’ve ever watched me struggle to play a video game without a controller then you know what I’m getting at here. It’s a shit show.

So how can you become more self-aware?

  • Write a ‘Ins’ or ‘Outs’ list
  • Take a personality test like the Myers-Briggs
  • Journal about your day
  • Ask several friends and loved ones what they think your strengths and/or weaknesses are
  • Get clear on who you want to become

If I were to suggest one that would kick start your journey TODAY, it would be to start journaling.

I’ve been writing down my thoughts and feelings since I was 13. I shit you not, I’ve still got those journals!

One journal in particular that’s helped me recently is Intelligent Change. Not only is this book pretty to look at but it’s a guide in and of itself. It sure beats staring at a blank piece of paper.

I like to journal just on weekends now for about 1 hour each morning. I’d rather have a couple of longer sessions than an hour each morning, but that’s a personal preference.

Work on your self-awareness for 30 days and see how much better you feel about yourself. Here’s a list of recommended reading.

Step 2: How to face your fears

Now I’m not going to suggest you go hold a spuder… unless you want to, but why would you? I hate spiders. Rather I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Everyone skips this step.

Well, not intentionally, but it’s an easy one to convince yourself that you’ve done the work when actually you just skirted around it. Why?

Because you want the result without the work. It takes courage and understanding to face the challenges that block your path. Whether you put them there or someone else did. There is no honest way around it.

Challenges come up in many different ways. From external factors like pressure at work and expectations from parents or friends… to internal struggles with self-esteem and feeling like you’re simply not good enough. You’re not alone.

Facing your fears can look like – posting that video that’s been sitting in your drafts rather than deleting it.. again. Or saying no to a friend who wants another night out with you this Friday. You don’t want to upset them so it’s easy to say yes, but you know you won’t enjoy yourself because you need to rest and recoup.

You have to do the inner work. Believe me, I tried to skip this too.

Eat Your Vegetables

One of my longest-running fears/challenges has been veggies. Sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud like that.

Vegetables aren’t ever going to hurt me and yet the only way I used to be able to eat them was to blend, smush and hide that green stuff in smoothies. Because, well it’s too green tasting honestly.

I’m not talking about when I was a kid either. I’m talking like, 2 years ago okay. When I was 37! But there is no way around it, I had to be honest with myself—a girl needs her greens.

Now I can happily say my fav veg is broccoli! And I never would have discovered it had I stuck to my nasty smushed spinach and lime drink in my morning.

Veggies aren’t the boss of me anymore. Okay, I’ll admit I still don’t eat them nearly enough but it’s a process and that’s okay too.

So, how can you have more courage?

  • Stack a new behavior with an old one
  • Write a ‘Fear Ladder’ listing your fears from least to worst
  • Ask a friend to hold you accountable

Did your mum used to say “You’re not getting any dessert until you eat all your vegetables.”? I think all mums do. She didn’t realize it, or maybe she did, but pairing a dislike with a like actually can help you achieve your goals a lot quicker. Imagine if there was no cake afterward. Do you think I’d have eaten those peas? Nope.

Let your work on self-awareness inspire you to take action and reclaim your independence from whatever is holding you back.

By the way, I lost 28 lbs after I conquered my fear! Go me. Plus I had more energy to write, film and edit so I was producing more posts and videos during this time.


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Step 3: How to learn a new skill

Now that you’ve taken the time to get to know what you want and how to get it, it’s time to level up and learn a new skill.

If you could live inside any game world which would it be?

For me, it would have to be Animal Crossing New Horizons—a permanent holiday, surrounded by friends on a tropical island. Yes, please. Pass me those papers Tom Nook, I’m sold.

But in any world, you need a toolbelt and an inventory to progress the game. Think of your toolbelt in life as the skillset you need to succeed and your inventory as pockets of information you acquire on your journey.

Skills boost your self-esteem, giving you the confidence to go out there and live your best life.

School only taught me how to sit and be quiet

I didn’t really learn any real-world skills in school. Maths has been my weakness and held me back on one too many occasions. I’m looking at you Aldi for giving me that maths test in an interview for a minimum-wage job! I’ll never forgive you for that… no surprise I didn’t get the job. But anyway, let’s move on.

Now I do my own tax returns, budgeting, expenses, incomings and more.

Every time I learn a bit more about something I didn’t learn in school it’s like a middle finger to all those teachers who told me I’d never amount to anything.

So, how can you learn a new skill?

  • Choose a subject that gets you excited
  • Learn from someone who inspires you
  • Share your skill with others
  • Set a goal and your reasons why

The trick is to stay curious and always be learning. Whether you want to start your own blog, become a content creator, or become a games tester, there are endless possibilities.

You’ll always be learning something new when you work with someone who is your #goals ‘cus let’s be honest, that crusty old school teacher that put you down probably didn’t even like their job, so why would you aspire to be like them?

There are so many new skills you could learn just by flicking through YouTube or doing a quick Google search. But if you want to go deep it’s best to invest in a course from someone you know, like and trust.

I’ve taken so many now I’ve lost count. Currently, I’m learning how to build WordPress websites. It’s a lot of fun. It’s given me the confidence to completely change the look of my blog which at the time of posting this I will have already finished and you can see the outcome! Also in 2024, I want to take a pottery class locally. Do something creative away from my PC you know?

Step 4: How to reach flow state

Let me tell you a little story. I used to love A Little to the Left on Nintendo Switch. End of story.

Okay, for real, it became my go-to game to relax with after work. But I wasn’t good at it, far from it.

Then the combination of the right time of day, repeating the same levels, a mug of tea and my favorite show (Friends, if you’re wondering) playing in the background would get me in the zone.

When that happened something magical transpired. I got gud.

Weirdly though, if I sat down to play before work the game had the opposite effect on me. My whole day would feel that little bit worse.

We all have a flow state—an optimal state of consciousness where we perform our best. It can take some trial and error to find it but once you do all your puzzles fit into place.

Your day feels that little bit easier

Creative ideas spill out of you.

Blog posts get written in minutes rather than hours.

Videos pretty much edit themselves.

Money flows easily.

It’s the combination of awareness, courage, skill and joy. Basically, it’s your brain rewarding you for putting in the work. It’s like unlocking a hidden level in a game without needing to hunt for it.

Landing a 4-Figure Brand Deal!

So yes, like I said earlier after I completed this guide it was about mid to late November 2023.

I had been journalling every weekend tracking my mood and detailing what I wanted and how to get it. I changed my diet to include healthier food options (hello veggies!) and lost weight in the process. Though this wasn’t really my goal, just a bonus. Plus I completely changed the look and feel of my website after taking a new course.

All this off the back of a bit of a personal breakdown from finding out my job was no longer solid and thinking I might end out the year with no blog or business.

Then I got an email.

And those of you who follow my personal journey through my Newsletters know how hard the last few months have been for me.

Most of my emails consist of offers of free game codes (awesome, I love these, but they don’t pay my bills) or junk mail, rarely do I see agencies asking for legitimate collaborations so at first I was skeptical.

Once I signed the contract I was elated! The last time I signed a 4-figure brand deal was back in March. That shows you how infrequently I get them.

In general I earn between £500 and £850 per collaboration so getting over £1K for a TikTok video is mind blowing for me!

Anyone can achieve success by following my 90-Day Guide to Transforming Your Life

I believe in you and I know you have what it takes to make any dream of yours come true.

Lets recap:

Step 1 – Understand yourself better for 30 days

Step 2 – Have the courage to face whatevers challenging you head on

Step 3 – Experience something new

Steo 4 – Have so much fun doing something that you get lost in the process

The last 3 steps can really be worked on together, but it’s important that you get clear on what you want and why in those 30 days first.

For me that looked like 30 days of journaling, writing lots of notes, listening to my body and giving myself time to process stuff. Then I got down to writing, filming, editing and designing before I ultimately decided to start a course I’d had my eye on.

Leave me a comment sharing a skill that you want to learn in the next 90 days. What is it that will propel you down your path to having the best year ever in 2024?

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